5 Conventional Options To Consider When Installing A New Garage Door

    Whether you are aiming to improve your security options, upgrading your curb appeal or maximising your garage capacity, there are a few helpful considerations to regard.

    The possibilities are varied when choosing the right appearance or type of materials.

    Additional key elements to evaluate when choosing a garage door is the amount of maintenance required, the durability, general operation and the overall look of your front yard and home.

    Several Types Of Garage Doors To Review:

    1.    Up-and-over Garage Door

    Up-and-over doors have manual or electric options and are an excellent choice when you have a large driveway. Overall, you are looking at the full package when it comes to convenience, appearance, quality, security and you have a wide selection of designs and materials at your disposal to choose from.

    1.    Side-Hinged Garage Door

    These doors are a great option when you are looking for extra interior space, and they provide simple access and dependable performance. The doors open outwards and are recommended for people that require access to utility boxes and wall space close to the door entrance.

    1.    Roller-garage Door

    When you have limited interior space, roller garage doors are the preferred option, as they open vertically, and they are designed for enough room in front of the garage as well as inside.  The extra ceiling space can be utilised for adding extra storage or installing lights. The doors are electronically operated for a convenient and no-hassle experience. The door is installed above the frame and upon opening it roll straight upwards — an ideal option for people that has small garages, driveways or both and doesn’t require a lot of room to be operational. A roller shutter door which is made from light-weight and strong aluminium can provide you with maximum security. All-in-all this door is a first-class choice to give thought to.

    1.    Sectional Garage Door

    Another great option when you require extra space inside or in front of the garage. The doors have separate panels, are operated electrically and rise vertically when opened. These doors are an excellent choice for larger vehicles such as MPVs or 4x4s.

    These doors are manufactured to withstand harsh weather elements and are energy efficient and well-insulated, making them ideal for coastal areas.

    You have a great selection of style options at your disposal whether contemporary or traditional, manual or automated locks can be installed, and you can opt for window installations to let in natural sunlight.

    1.    Side-sliding Garage Door

    When you are looking for an uncomplicated option like section or roller doors but not wanting to compromise on ceiling space, then the side-sliding garage door is exactly what you require. The door opens sideways, and you have extra ceiling space for storage (for example surfboards, canoes, bicycles or fishing rods).

    This door provides easy access for pedestrian’s as it can be opened partially. These doors are great when looking from a maintenance standpoint, as they don’t come with chains, tension springs and pulleys that overhead garage doors make use of.