4 Summer Trends Making Waves in 2020

    While most of us are stuck at home, sheltering in place, the weather outside is warming up fast. If you’re dreaming of the months to come when we can get out again and start enjoying some summer weather, keep reading. We’re bringing you the trends that will be popping up on boardwalks, beaches and cities in summer 2020.

    1. White on White

    Nothing says summer quite like a white sundress. This fresh, classic trend is back, but it’s also popping up on the runway in more than just dresses. Indeed, white-on-white is back in a big way this summer. 

    Whether you favor breezy white pants or white jean cut-offs, top off your favorite summer bottoms with a bright white tank, tee or crop top. Aim for the same shade of white to keep your outfit looking polished. 

    2. Cutouts Everywhere

    This is one sexy trend that keeps coming back season after season. And with warm summer weather in mind, cutouts all over an outfit are not only on-trend, but great for staying cool all season long.

    Like the white-on-white look, cutouts aren’t just for dresses. This summer, you’ll also find tank tops and tees with perfectly placed windows. Even pants are getting in on the trend. Don’t think holes in your jeans; instead, designers are cutting crisp shapes into Bermuda shorts or longer pants to create interesting angles and add a modern touch to plain-old classics. Just be careful; wear these outside and you’ll wind up with interesting tan lines that are tough to fix!

    3. Day-to-Night Chic

    The day-to-night look during most of the year means office-ready pieces that can be tweaked when you’re ready for some post-work drinks. But during the summer, when days are filled with shopping or sightseeing on vacation, the day-to-night look needs a change as well.

    Summer-ready, day-to-night looks are in right now. They feature chic, comfortable looks that you’ll want to wear all day long, but that can be quickly changed to a sexy look for a night on the town. Bodysuits are one easy staple for mastering this trend. Lightweight and cool, they work perfectly under a pair of jean shorts, mini skirt or even long linen pants for a day out. 

    When the sun goes down, swap out your bottoms for a pair of skinny jeans or some high-waisted black shorts and you’ve got a sexy look you’ll love. If your bodysuit of choice is a little too revealing for daytime wear, try topping it with a loose, strappy tank top.

    4. Tie-Dye and Fringe

    Last year, two fun old-school favorites came back in a big way, and this year, both fringe and tie-dye are back again. If you’re not breaking out your favorite tie-dye tee and want something new instead, opt for bright, neon tones, another runway trend that’s been big this year.

    This year’s fringe is more understate and reserved. Think short edges on the bottom of crop tops or framing the sleeves of your new bikini rather than covering an oversized purse or edging your leather jacket.

    Outfitting Your Summer 2020 Wardrobe

    Whether you’re looking for an outfit to wear on your summer vacay or enjoy keeping up on the latest trends, these are the outfits, colors, fits and styles that are making waves this year. And before you know it, you’ll be able to get out and show off these new duds for the world to see.



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