4 Reasons to Equip Your Car’s Interior with Advanced Coatings

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    Most of us can’t afford to replace a car every time a newer and better model appears, which means we should look after our prized possessions as carefully as possible, so that they could be functional until we can eventually purchase a more modern vehicle. Car maintenance involves a lot of different activities, but we’re going to focus on the interior and the way in which we can make it look great for longer.

    One of the ways to protect your car’s interior is to apply coating to it. This will protect your leather, plastic and fabric material from dust and scratches, thus making your interior last longer. If you’re still not convinced, here is a more detailed explanation of the reasons why you should seriously consider equipping your car’s interior with advanced coatings.

    Protection from spills and stains

    We all know how prone cars are to spills and stains, especially if you have children that you need to drive every day to school, football practice or some other activity. Having a premium interior coating will help your car surface to slide off the liquid rather than absorb it. This is made possible by a hydrophobic barrier created by the coating. If you just think about all those greasy stains and countless spills of soda juice and how much you needed to pay to have them clean, you’ll realize that it’s much wiser and less stressful to invest in good coating.

    Protection from UV rays

    We are all trying to minimize the negative effect of UV rays on our health, which is why we wear appropriate clothes, headwear and apply sunscreens almost obsessively. However, we tend to forget that such adverse effect can be suffered by our cars, too. The main problem with UV rays is that they make the car’s upholstery fade away. 

    Even if you normally keep your car protected from the sun, there are still moments when you have no other option but to leave it exposed to the elements, such as the sunrays. The best, and probably the only thing you can do to prevent your interior deteriorate quickly is to apply an advanced nano coating, which acts as a barrier and blocks the UV rays, thus helping keep the interior fresh and long-lasting.

    Protection from abrasions

    No matter how careful you are, the leather or the fabric of your car be damaged and scratched due to various reasons, such as the button on your pants or your habit of keeping object with a rough surface on your car seats. Since you can’t avoid situations in which you’ll need to wear trousers with buttons or zippers on the back, you need to forfeit by using a top-quality coating. It will minimize the negative effects that your interior can suffer, but it can also help you clean your leather less often, for example.

    Cleaning made easier

    Again, regardless of how diligent you are and how much time and effort you invest in keeping your car clean, you still need to clean your car’s interior (and exterior) regularly, if you want it to look good. Surfaces without a protective coating need to be cleaned much more often, which means you’ll need to spend more time (and, consequently, money) to keep the interior of your car in perfect condition. 

    On the other hand, with the hydrophobic barrier and low surface tension provided by a coating, cleaning becomes a breeze. You can still use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, but you’ll notice that it takes you much less time to get that spotless look.

    These are four primary reasons you should apply advanced coating on your car, especially its interior. However, you need to be extremely careful if you opt for a DIY option. Namely, you need to choose a correct product, since there is no such thing as all-in-one surface protection solution.

    Different substrates or vehicle surfaces are designed with specific materials and each of these surfaces or substrates has a unique formulation. The surface protectant designed for these materials simply has to be customized. So, make sure you get your products from reliable sellers, who could also advise you on the best option for your particular car model.


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