4 Hottest Colors for Athleisure Clothing

    Athleisure attire such as sweat pants, hoodies, and yoga pants is no longer restricted to sports. These items have become more popular and acceptable to wear when doing almost anything and when attending any casual event. Whether you are headed to the office, brunch, or anywhere in between, you will find it appropriate to wear leggings, sneakers, and sporty clothes. The question most ladies keep asking is how best they can wear this surprisingly chic and supremely comfortable clothing without going out of style. 

    Well, it all comes down to color blending. Despite its many perks, athleisure attire can appear to be a bit sloppy and quite gym-like if not worn properly. To stay fashionable, you must be very intentional when selecting the athleisure items to wear. Below are some styling tips and colors to enable you to achieve more sophisticated but less sweaty looks. 

    Multiple Colors and Patterns

    Anyone wishing to rock an athleisure style can achieve it by wearing bold stripes and patterns. Patterns in a bright hue are undeniably sporty. You can don something striped for a night in town as well as for your afternoon yoga sessions. All you need to do is blend them with a neoprene scuba skirt and you are good to go. This will not only ensure you stay stylish but will also take your comfort to the next level. 

    Purple Leggings 

    Purple leggings are highly popular among women. You can choose to go all purple in your desired shades. You may consider an ombre design by blending up to three different shades to add a pop of style. Do you wish to take your fashion a notch higher? Throw in crop purple leggings or calf-height cut-outs. 

    Orange Mesh Shorts

    Orange mesh shorts are the alternative to your drab gray mesh shorts. They give you the best in terms of functionality and fit. Most people love them for their high level of comfort. Orange mesh shorts blend well with a v-neck tee and an orange handbag. You can also pair them with a motivational tee to make them more fashionable. 

    White Graphic Tee 

    Consider replacing your antique workout tees with something that has more personality. A funny graphic tee will forever make you enjoy working out. It gives a perfect combination of style and functionality. Moreover, you can blend it with almost any casual attire. 

    Consider the Newest Athleisure Color Trends 

    New color trends have emerged in athleisure wear. This has enabled these casual outfits to be more trendy. Among the newest color trends at the moment are lime green leggings with built-in temperature regulation, neon pink marbled leggings, signature red running shorts, and fluorescent yellow running shorts.

    Are you ready to jump into comfort and fashion? Well, you are not going to break the bank to get yourself great pieces of athleisure wear. Numerous variations can meet the budget of even a college student. There are several well-made, attractive selections in any budget range. Get your desired blend of fashion, functionality, and comfort thanks to athleisure wear.


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