4 Branded Apparel Ideas For Fall

    As the weather starts to get chillier, and the leaves start turning yellow and red, there is an assumption among some business analysts that sales will drop. After all, people aren’t out and about as much as they were in the summer months, and there is more of a “buckle down and work” mentality that the colder weather engenders. But this assumption remains just that – an assumption.

    There are still fantastic and effective ways of pulling in customers, including utilizing custom screen printing in Toronto to make custom fall apparel, either for giveaway or to uniform your staff. Let’s take a look at the four best apparel items for fall.


    Well into the fall months, you will find the majority of men (and some women as well) locked into their t-shirts. A long-time staple of summer, the t-shirt continues to garner brand awareness well into the chilly months, since many people use it to layer, and therefore expose the logo when they are indoors. Another big bonus of the humble t-shirt is that, among the apparel options, it ranks as one of the least expensive, making it an even better return on investment.

    Ball Caps

    To keep your head warm, to keep the fall wind out of your hair, to keep the UV rays away from your face, and simply to honor the end of the baseball season – these are just a few reasons why ball caps are an essential fall accompaniment. Put your business’ logo on some ball caps and either give them away as part of a promotion – a loyalty promotion works well here – or simply to show customer appreciation. They will continue to provide free advertising for your business year-round.


    Although fleeces are a little more expensive, they make a great promotional item, as well a good fall/winter uniform piece for employees. If using as a promotional item, you could have it as a draw prize, where the receipt for a certain service or good you are pushing acts as a ticket. If using them for employee uniforms, make sure your logo is prominently displayed, either with quality screen printing or embroidery – it lends an air of class and quality to your business when its employees are in well made, seasonally appropriate uniforms.


    Hoodies are a great choice when targeting a younger demographic, and will almost certainly be worn frequently through the fall months. If you are a business with a strong and attractive brand – like a brewery, restaurant or vinyl store, for example – you can even charge money for your hoodies. Not only will they provide an additional revenue stream, but they will also act as free marketing for your business. As long as your branding is strong enough, this is a great way to go.

    Fall doesn’t have to mean a dip in business. By utilizing seasonally appropriate branded apparel, either as a giveaway, promotion, uniform or retail item, you can spread the word about your business… in style.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

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