3 Ways to Make Money from Your Photographs

    Wouldn’t it be fabulous to make extra cash out of doing something you love? The average hourly wage for a photographer is just over 15 dollars and while people who love taking photos aren’t always in it for the money, it can offer you a healthy earning potential as a lucrative profession on the side. While you might have to work hard to achieve the perfect shot that people would want to buy, being organized and creative with your ideas can provide you with some hard cash. There are plenty of ways to use your expertise to make money and capitalizing on your photos skills is just one of them. 

    Be creative with your photos

    Setting yourself up to sell your own prints online has never been easier to do with the internet offering countless opportunities for selling in different formats. Whether you want to get serious and have your own website or just for fun, people will pay for a beautiful photo they like. You can even transform photos into gifts with a collage maker to remind people of their happy memories together. Alternatively, get framed copies of your photos and try displaying them in local businesses to sell to customers in a cafe or shop. The possibilities are endless, from cushions to mugs or posters and prints!

    Sell to stock photography sites

    If you have a healthy collection of high quality photos, you can submit the best ones onto stock photography sites and potentially earn a passive income from them. There are numerous companies offering this service and all you need to do is sign up as a contributor to put your photos in for review. There is very little initial outlay to spend and sites require photos in pretty much every genre so the choice is varied but in order to stand out from the crowd, submit photos that are more unusual or quirky to increase your chances of them being used elsewhere.

    Enter photo competitions

    While there are many prestigious photo contests for professional photographers, there are many more opportunities for photographers who have varying levels of expertise and experience. Don’t be afraid to try your luck and start entering as many competitions as you like. Not all of them give away cash prizes but equipment, books or cameras are usually offer, plus the chance for everyone to see your photo and boost your confidence at the same time. If you take photos regularly, it’s likely that you will have a portfolio of images that covers the competition categories, just do some research to find out which ones have the cash prizes and send in your photos for an opportunity of winning a competition.

    It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer just wanting to do it for fun or a serious professional who wants to make a living it out of it; either way there are plenty of creative opportunities to sell your photos and in this digital age, new portals are constantly being launched all the time for you to make money from something you love. 


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