3 Summer Lifestyle Essentials to Live Healthier & Happier

    With summer in full swing, are you on the lookout for new products to amplify your everyday life? No need to start Googling! Here are three exciting lifestyle products that will help you live healthier and happier this summer and beyond:
    Top Pick for Decluttering Your Home: Value Closet Kit from Modular Closets
    A decluttered and organized home is essential for keeping anxiety and stress at bay. Made in the USA, Modular Closets’ DIY, pre-designed Value Closet Kit is a must-have for decluttering and organizing your closet. This tasteful closet system tastefully maximizes the space in a reach-in closet, making storage convenient and appealing. Neat and minimalistic, this kit doubles some hanging areas while still accommodating longer garments. 
    The shelves are designed strategically for utmost convenience (includes adjustable shelving). With its neutral look blending into and even complementing any decor, this easy-to-install closet is a timeless favorite. The high-quality closet system is wall-mounted with the company’s patented cleat system and features eco-friendly wood production. Available in White or Grey, the closet kit retails for $494.99+

    Medical Scrubs Collection Barco Unify M6PKT Joggers

    These comfy joggers are a must for summer walks and running errands! They have a breezy fit, pockets, and are available in several classic colors. The joggers retail for $39.99+

    Medical Scrubs Collection strives to offer customers stylish and comfy fashions at the lowest prices on the web. The company’s sales reps are dedicated to guiding customers to find the perfect styles that suit their needs and taste, all while offering incredible savings. From comfy and chic footwear to plus size scrubs, breezy jackets, maternity scrubs, and Dickies scrubs, Medical Scrubs Collection offers a vast array of classic apparel that won’t break the bank.

    Top Pick for Lunch Break Naps – Manta NAP Arc

    This napping essential will help you reclaim your right to rest, as it is crafted for easy, comfy power naps at your desk. At home, your self-care game is solid. But at the office, you’re imprisoned by endless “quick” meetings and the constant subtle pressure to hustle and grind through your need for rest. That’s why we made NAP Arc: the ergonomic power nap pillow designed for your desk, so you can take a well-deserved break no matter where you’re working. Now, self-care goes where you go — as it should. This is our new normal.

    Nap Arc is designed for quick setup, easy adjustability and ergonomic support. So you’re always only a few seconds away from a comfy power nap — right at your desk. Its intelligent arc design also means you waste zero time finding the right position for the quick, easy rest you deserve. NAP Arc has an ultra-soft, stable structure that optimally supports your head and neck — so you wake up with zero neck strain. It’s crafted for comfort, so you get the same TLC at the office that you do at home — exactly as you should.

    NAP Arc’s easy adjustability makes it the perfect fit for anyone who needs a good rest at the office just as they do at home. And adjusting the height is easy: pull the strap to increase it, tug at the G-hook to decrease it. It’s quick and effortless. It also features premium, high-quality materials and a reversible cover — so you can always switch to the cool side of the pillow, just like at home. The cover is also machine washable, so you can easily slide it off and throw it in the washing machine when needed. Retails for $59


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