2021 Horoscope Yearly Predictions for Every Zodiac Sign

    Can one person make a difference in the grand scheme of things? This year the slow-moving planets and significant planetary stations take place in transpersonal signs, the one exception is Saturn in the highly individualistic sign of Leo.

    The pattern seems to indicate that each of us individually has a huge impact in what could be. 

    Yes, it takes a painstaking effort to implement change with all the fixed energy associated with the world wheel. What do you think you could contribute on a personal note to improve the world?

    Another background theme is the emphasis on the elements of water and earth this year. These are the two feminine elements, which nurture and nourish. 

    This suggests that we need to look after what we have rather than begin too many new enterprises.

    According to Wise Horoscope, throughout 2021, we have a fixed cross pattern in the sky. There are breaks here and there where it is not quite as tense in energy.

    We have already experienced this on and off during 2005 so it does not feel new and fresh. The word fixed is associated with the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 

    All of these signs are stubborn, inflexible and love possessive pronouns—mine and ours in particular. Neptune of illusion is in Aquarius for several years to come. Mars will have spent half a year in Taurus by mid-February (his norm is six weeks per sign). 

    Jupiter of expansion and luck will spend 13 months in Scorpio (October 2020-November 2021) and Saturn of contraction and responsibility moved into Leo in the Summer of 2005 for about two years. 

    Leo and Aquarius might get a bigger taste of those limitations and obstacles with the intent of learning to focus on new solutions. Water signs—Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—have a little extra luck on their side. 

    Pisces and Capricorn have some delightful times in February. Life kicks up a notch for Gemini in February. 

    Aries and Libra might wonder what everyone else is fussing about. For Virgo and Taurus it’s a mixed bag, learning to roll with punches but with solid progress, after Mars moves into Gemini it isn’t so personal. 


    For the past few years your focus has been on learning and discovering, you may have been introduced to new concepts and/or ideas that previously seemed alien in nature.

    In the last year, and particularly this year, the focus is at home. Improvements, changes – bigger is better, getting ready for visitors or new family members may be in the stars. 

    Time for reflection on who you truly are, not your body or clothes, it isn’t about the facade. We are talking about you at the soul level.

     It is not what others see, it is about what you know, set aside even 5 minutes every day this year to gaze into space – find the real you.


    Your resources vs. those of partner, striving to improve your value and your marketability has been the theme for quite a while now, and continues until June 2021. 

    Finances are on an upswing, a good time to make sure your property and life insurance are updated – protect your assets.

    Time is a resource, set aside a little time for yourself, you haven’t done that of late. In the last year communication, travel and perhaps even moving residence have been high on your priority list. 

    Getting a bigger, flashier car may be really tempting now, do keep in mind how hard you have worked to build up your resources – don’t squander these on a whim.

    Enjoy what you have instead of looking for more of what might not satisfy you in the long run.


    Should I skip this one… The big stellar events have been happening in the area of the chart that is YOU, yourself and others.

    You are changing, what used to be important – no longer is. If you had known then what you know now – vow. Relationships are changing or some are even ceasing to be, this can be a challenging time for marriages

    You are changing and if your partner cannot accept that the partnership comes under scrutiny. What you wanted then you no longer desire. Money matters have been up and down all year long, and now there is yet another temptation to go and acquire new material possessions. Easy come, easy go. 

    The trick of having money is not spending what you earn – sounds so simple, huh? But hey, you might get a welcome ego boost from those who appreciate you, and actually tell you that.


    Some parts of life are just simply private, doubly so for you. You have spent the last couple of years seeking solitude, having very little interest in holding onto any relationships that do not feel right at a soul level. 

    True friends, are the only ones you have time for – and worldly pursuits that will lead to goals that help you serve others. 

    No time for shallow people or shallow activities. You breathe in the emotions of others, and at the moment you need to preserve your own space so that you don’t feel your privacy invaded. 

    The contradictory urge particularly this year but on and off during the last year, is to improve your health, physical appearance and yes increase the size of that wardrobe. 


    Where do you want to be 5 years from now? What will you be doing in 10? You have been looking so far into the future that you may have lost sight of the now.

     Bring it into sharper focus this year. If you can dream it you can make it happen. What is it you truly desire? Children, your romantic life and/or your creativity may also have been giving you a few concerns over the last two years. 

    This will all subside but we may be looking at June 2021 before life’s moving truly smoothly again.

    You are quite protective of those and that which you consider belonging to your den. Spirits and dreams may have been knocking on the door of your unconscious or subconscious of late, work with your dreams. 

    Learn about the spirits that walk with you every day. Silence the mind or simply open your mind so you can hear …


    Career, status, your role in the community and parents/authority figures – changes, stress, compromises on that front since – who remembers when… 

    This can be the time when you are truly reaping rewards of what “you have sown” or a time when you decide that CHANGE is needed NOW. 

    The family unit is another issue under scrutiny – moving, renovations or even changing countries can truly hold allure or simply be “forced” upon you. 

    Be flexible and it will all go smoother. It may feel as if you are walking on a rolling walker which keeps stalling…

    Dream BIG, seize the opportunities – help and assistance sometimes comes from the oddest direction. Financial luck can be quite high now – not the gambling kind, but the earned kind.


    Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon… Things may be a little up and down, but before you can move ahead, you need to know where you want to be headed, you know. 

    The theme that has been going on for a while, regarding plans, studies, learning – striving to realize your dreams does get a welcome boost now. Internal matters are probably in higher focus than external – what do you believe in, what are your convictions – and how are they changing.

    Beneath the surface there appears to be a lot going on – so do take the time to still the mind and listen to the music of the ethers. Well deserved recognition could be coming your way this year, should that not materialize for you, give yourself a pat on the back. 

    This is still a planning time – forcing a move ahead is counter-productive.


    Cash is less and resources are increasing – why can you not focus on the haves? Your value system is undergoing a change (what an understatement).

    You have never had an appreciation for the shallow and superficial, but now you are also finding people who resist changing a challenge. 

    The intimate relationships (does not need to be a lover) are under scrutiny, and no-one can scrutinize better. You have a yearning to dig even deeper, this is about changing you – and you thought that was behind you, huh? This is about finding your true purpose in life – what is your Dharma? 

    The other side Karma you are intimate with already. This year there is a strong urge for you to travel not necessarily in body but in spirit, explore new frontiers.

    Maybe it is time to talk to an astrologer, psychic, or be your own clairvoyant. Lose yourself in good metaphysical book – I like Elisabeth Heich’s “Initiation”.


    It is the flip side of the same coin. The focus is on others, you need to take that back seat, and at times you don’t want to. You have been coping with accelerated transformation since 2020, maybe feeling that it is enough. 

    Nothing is the same, you no longer do the same job, you relationships are totally different to what used to be.

    At times being responsible for everyone else is wearing you out, but perhaps some of that is your own doing, have you taken on too much. Mr. Moneybags has been in your wealth house for a year now, more in and more out, but you can be stingy when you need to be, just not this year. 

    A word of caution it is harder to earn it than to spend it, which we all know is a breeze. When was the last time you meditated, I am not talking about getting into the lotus position – anything we do with utmost concentration is meditation.


    Work, chores, schedules, responsibilities and the deepest desire for a retreat that is your last few years in a nutshell.

    You may have always enjoyed work, but it was always the quest – perhaps you’ve allowed yourself to get into a comfortable rut. It may be time to move on, make sweeping changes. 

    What a perfect year to take a holiday – even a few days. Have some fun, loosen up we all know you won’t go over your budget. 

    Working too hard may have been quite taxing on your health, we all need to recharge our inner “batteries” once in a while – it’s time. Have you set yourself some fun goals? 

    Hire help to do some of the mundane chores for you, and spend a while creating new inspiring goals.


    Creativity, fun and romance that is what you ought to be pursuing – are you? Yes, children can be a handful, but we can’t change that, we can only change our attitude. Take up a sport, do you a world of good. 

    No sports – well how about a pottery class. Your life is already intellectual, you need to balance it out with things that require little analysis. The hectic pace at work is temporary this year is the crest and then that wave subsides. 

    Your aspirations for the future may have undergone a radical change, what you thought you wanted has changed. When we pursue things we truly desire no amount of effort is too much nor too draining…


    Changes at home and at work. Security and building a solid foundation is becoming more and more important. 

    You may have discovered that at on the work front, you are no longer prepared for the status quo. You now know you are worth more, and are likely to make your views known loud and clear. 

    There is likely quite a bit of activity on the romantic and/or creative front, you have workable ideas and the desire to realize these.

     If you are feeling tense with all the changes – perhaps you could look into yoga, one of the martial arts or similar to help you feel centered and grounded.

     A lucky streak has been following you for a year now, it hasn’t been lottery wins but those saving graces. That theme is very strong this year.     


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