2019 – Big Players of Q1 to Watch – In Tech – John Alexander “Alex” Oberman

    John Alexander “Alex” Oberman is revolutionizing the music streaming world with the creation of Flo, an app that allows users to play music and collaboratively create playlists with others in real-time no matter the Streaming Service Provider. This music- super-platform curates a one-of-a-kind social interaction that connects listeners’ experiences through musical symbiosis. No matter the Streaming Service Provider, Spotify Premium, Apple Music, iTunes music or SoundCloud Freemium, users have the ability to coexist and generate playlists with their friends and followers, allowing people to listen in perfect harmony. Flo also lets friends, family, and people alike to connect their experiences and lifestyles no matter where they are located in the world through multi-location simultaneous listening capabilities. You and your friend across the country can tune in to what one another are listening to just like old times. Fighting over the aux cord or asking to change the song are a thing of the past with Flo’s ability to create and save group playlists. Now everyone has access to play their music or relive an unforgettable party. Users also have the option to follow their favorite celebrities live playlists, for example, connecting to Lebron James’ pre-game warm up or joining “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson during his workout. Mr. Oberman and his team are set to brilliantly change the way music is listened and experienced, giving people the opportunity to musically transport to worldwide events or into the homes and minds of their family, friends and favorite celebrities. Flo Music App is available for download through the iOS app store.

    Mr. Oberman, Co-founder of Space Monkey, LLC – the Austin, Texas based start-up responsible for the development of Flo, is no stranger to entrepreneurial success. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, he spent his summers as a boy making profit from lemonade stands, mowing lawns, and power-washing driveways which led to his knack for entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Oberman graduated from Texas Tech University, where he pursued strong interests in politics, the global economy, and the strategies of a good chess game with a degree in Political Science and Economics. This started his continuous pursuit of unparalleled successes and multi-sector expertise. He is currently the President and Founder of Tritium Energy Consulting, LLC – a firm managing clients’ retail power and gas in IL, PA, MD, and TX. In addition to being an ATF certified Firework Pyrotechnic Operator (FPO), he is the Co-founder of Aerial Architecture LLC – a boutique laser and pyrotechnics entertainment company. In the minimal free time when Mr. Oberman is not developing innovating technologies or pursuing strategic growth, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading historic political texts, and continuing to grow his outstanding network of global business development leaders. Mr. Oberman’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to expect tough times, welcome the fight and confront challenges head on. He urges others to develop a strong support group and seek advice from those with experience.

    Flo Music App is available for download through the iOS app store. To learn more visit www.flomusic.com


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