2017 Trends: Building Beauty from the Inside-Out

    Guest Contributor: Deanna Latson, co-founder and chief product officer of ARIIX

    While beauty trends come and go, one thing has always remained the same – beauty truly does come from the inside. Paying attention to what you put in your body is without a doubt one of the most powerful beauty regimens perfect for every age and stage of life. No matter how much money or time you invest in the latest products or procedures, skin will almost always reflect what you put into your body.

    Many of 2017’s newest beauty trends are based on boosting beauty from the inside-out. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular offerings to see if they really deliver all that they promise.

    Collagen Beauty Drinks

    Beauty-boosting elixirs that promise miracle benefits for skin, hair and health are nothing new. From the cod-liver oil days of our grandparents’ generation to today’s collagen drinks and hyaluronic acid potions, they lure consumers in with the promise of drinking your way to beauty. The simple truth is that you do not need a miracle drink, you just need to give your skin the best nutrition you can by eating and drinking ingredients that support skin health. When it comes to beauty drinks, there are concoctions on the market that offer benefits, but you must do your research and be selective. Some drinks are really just a mix of water, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Sugar in any form is not good for the skin, some experts say it does as much damage as the sun and smoking.

    Functional Beauty Beverages 

    Health shakes, protein smoothies and other kinds of drinks are entering a new era of providing focused benefits on top of general whole-health nutrition. Beverages that promise beauty-enhancing benefits can be a good addition to your regimen, provided you do your research. Look for ingredients that promote immune function, are high in antioxidants and provide nutrients that benefit your skin and hair, such as: calcium, magnesium and biotin. Feeding your skin the building blocks it needs for better health through all-natural, high-quality drinks can work if you choose your brands wisely.

    Beauty Powders

    Eastern medicine and skincare routines have become less mysterious and more mainstream in today’s world of health and beauty. Chinese medicine is largely based on knowing which herbs and roots can treat certain conditions – skincare included. Therefore, it is no surprise that women in ancient China relied largely on herbs for radiant, youthful skin. If you look at the wide range of beauty powders that are highlighting the market these days, keep an eye out for the ingredients Goji Berry and Reishi, both of which have shown great potential for skin health.

    Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, valued as an excellent source of antioxidants, beta-carotene and immunity-boosting properties – all of which promote healthy, glowing skin. Reishi is an herbal mushroom rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents that work in harmony to promote blood circulation and empower the immune system. Stronger immune systems ease free radicals, which in turn reduces wrinkles, fine lines and inflammation of the skin. Better blood circulation improves elasticity and skin tone as well, promoting more youthful looking skin.

    Beauty Ingredient Consciousness 

    I have always been passionate about helping people understand how important it is to know what are the best products for your face. The skin care industry has very little oversight or regulation – people would be shocked to know what they are actually putting on their faces. Today’s savvy consumers are seeking safe, non-toxic skin care products they can trust. It is more important than ever to research what ingredients or chemicals are in the products you are purchasing in store. What do they do? Are they harmful? It does not take long to do research and there are many reputable online resources that are easy to use, like Environmental Working Group (EWG), a leading environmental health nonprofit.

    The biggest mistake I often see women make in their skin care routine is using too many products that they do not need and can have negative, long-term effects. Many people buy on impulse because it is so easy to be influenced by celebrity brands and high-tech, expensive packaging. You do not need a line of 15 different products to look good. You only need a few good, high-quality products.

    The bottom line? It really is possible to eat and drink your way to more youthful, glowing skin. Do your research, follow good nutrition guidelines and remember that nothing is more beautiful than good health.

    About Deanna Latson 

    Internationally-recognized health and wellness authority and fearless nutritional pioneer Deanna Latson empowers people to create a healthy, well-balanced life. Drawing upon real-life experience, extensive education and personal passion, Latson supports the use of toxic-free, high-quality products for superior quality of life and has collaborated with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness and fitness industries.

    Along with being co-founder and chief product officer of ARIIX, Latson holds a clinical nutritionist degree from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy and is affiliated with the Wellness Council of America, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the Speech Communication Association.


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