12 Essential Styling Tips for Tall Men

    It’s excellent to have height on your side. It is getting chosen first for the varsity basketball squad.  It gives you an inherent advantage when it comes to dating. The ability to look above and beyond the crowd is what it is.

    Unfortunately, it also involves spending hours poring through clothing racks in search of a look that will keep your stomach and ankles from the outside.

    Being endowed with height can present fashion challenges despite all its benefits. Only a slim few of the things do fit and also fit your body frame.

    Even when you are tall, style dressing shouldn’t be challenging. Here is some crucial wardrobe advice for tall gents, explaining how they might help you refresh your look.

    Wear Straight or Slim-Fit Jeans

    People should generally avoid skinny jeans, but if you’re tall and thin, avoid them at all costs. Unless you’re explicitly trying to imitate a tight aesthetic, wearing clothing that makes your legs look like a sausage casing will emphasize how gangly you look.

    Shop for slim-fit or straight-leg options instead. Long, thin legs seem considerably more attractive in these roomier shapes since the extra size helps to square out your proportions. You’re good to go as long as you avoid entering the baggy region.

    Avoid Vertical Stripes

    Vertical stripes, while trendy, will increase your height and give the impression that you are taller than you are. Employ horizontal lines to break up the look if you want the striped look.

    Additionally, choose stripes with a design that is a little thicker. Avoid wearing a formal shirt with fine lines if you are tall.

    Make a Contrast

    Keeping things overly basic can only make you appear taller and slimmer if you are already tall and skinny. Breaking things up is the most excellent solution. Use elements like texture and design to add variety and avoid donning a whole outfit in a single color.

    Wear Patterned Shoes

    Since your choices are limited, especially in a formal setting, tall men’s shoes should feature a good seasoning of patterned, embossed, or colorful leathers.

    It gives your outfit more character, keeps an eye on the ground rather than right up your body, and makes your feet appear shorter than they are (most tall men have big feet).

    Embrace the Unusual Pairing

    The strange pairing of a jacket and pants that aren’t made from the same material can benefit tall men since it lets you shop for different components and extend the life of your existing outfits.

    Your blue and gray suits can combine into four separate outfits. Similar to a belt, wearing contrasting colors and textures on your upper and lower body will divide your body in two. You are breaking it into distinct lines that will make you appear less imposing.

    Wear Custom Made Clothes and Hats

    The gold standard is tall men should wear customized and large hats or clothing. Everything will be so much simpler if you have your clothing custom-tailored. Going bespoke is frequently the best option for taller men to get a flawless fit. How you feel in outfits often determines whether or not it fits you appropriately.

    Choose Belts Over Suspenders

    Every tall guy should accessorize with a belt. The key to dressing stylishly for tall slim guys is to break up your outfit, and your belt is a terrific tool. They break up your attire and form a crisp line across the body.

    Belts are preferable for tall, lean guys, whereas suspenders are excellent for those with a larger build. They aid in forming a crisp line that divides the body and softens the appearance. Since they run parallel to the body, braces give a sense of height.

    Add Bulk

    Think about width to gain mass without becoming invisible in your tall men’s clothing. You’re focused on the vertical axis, so choose a dress that adds weight to the sides. Chunky knits, puffer coats, and structural tailoring will also be helpful, as well as horizontal patterns like striped shirts or color-blocked tees.

    Do Not Wear Low Rise Pants

    Avoid low-rise waisted jeans as they will make your torso appear longer. Your figure will look more proportionate and even out if you wear medium or high-rise pants. In case you’re unsure what the word “rise” means, it describes the space between the waist and the groin.

    Wear Trousers with Great Lengths

    Keep the break (the little pooling of cloth at the ankle) in your pants to a minimum if you wear full-length pants. Keep your lines precise with a hem that terminates precisely at the top of your shoe to avoid this problem, which is brought on by too-long pants that lead the eye downward.

    Wear Long Over Coats

    Another item that looks great on tall men is a long overcoat. Again, this contributes to the harmony of your proportions since they build a firm line between the shoulders, hips, and knees. When things begin to chill off, your go-to choice will be a traditional Mac-like long coat.

    Complement your Size

    The ability to employ details to boost a look is a sign of true style. Understanding what forms and sizes are best for you is at the very heart of it.

    Consider your watch as an illustration. On the wrist of someone who could easily pass for an NBA player, a small, low-profile watch will never look attractive. Instead, choose bulkier, larger-sized clothing.

    A larger watch will complement a wider arm instead of working against it. Consider a dive watch for something substantial that enormous hands and forearms won’t overshadow.

    Styling Gorgeous as a Tall man

    Tall, bulky males should avoid wearing heavy materials and clothing. Avoid wearing double-breasted coats and vests, and instead, choose simple, black suits and jackets made of breathable materials. You can use more remarkable restraint while adhering to the same fundamental advice as other tall men.

    Conversely, tall, lean men should, wherever possible, dress in heavier fabrics and rougher weaves. Additionally, ensure you spend money on jacket and shirt alterations to prevent flapping in the middle.

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