11 Natural and Science Approved Ways to Balance Your Hormones

    Hormones are crucial elements in your organism. They are produced in the endocrine glands, and they travel around your bloodstream giving directions to tissues and organs. Hormones, directly or indirectly, control some of your body’s chief processes, including reproduction and metabolism.

    Hormonal imbalance means having too little or too much of a certain hormone. Even the tiniest disruptions can have severe effects on your body and health.

    Let’s put it this way. Have you ever tried to make a souffle? It’s a delicate thing. Too little or too much of any ingredient can ruin the final product.

    While some hormones fluctuate all the time and can be the result of the aging process, other can change if your endocrine glands get the recipe wrong. Consequences can include weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, blurred vision, and infertility.

    So, what to do when that happens? Some people turn to medicaments and chemically-based products, but we say that the natural way is always the best way. So here are a few remedies from Mother Nature herself which are even scientifically-backed.

    Stop postponing your workouts

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    Physical activity can have a strong impact on your hormonal health, particularly because of its ability to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin levels.

    One of the main functions of insulin is to allow cells to absorb amino acids and sugar from the bloodstream. These are then used for collecting energy and maintaining muscle.

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    Also, being physically active can help boost testosterone, which is a crucial hormone for maintaining muscles which decline with age.

    Stay clear of sugar and refined carbs

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    You know how half of the dieting rules include what you should eat, while the other half prescribes what you shouldn’t eat? Well, sugar and refined carbs are definitely products that should be avoided. Following a diet that eliminates them can be crucial in reducing insulin levels, and thus maintaining hormonal balance.

    Eat an adequate amount of protein

    Protein provides your body with the necessary amino acids which are needed to maintain skin and bone health and build muscles. It also has a role in the release of appetite-controlling hormones. According to research, protein decreases the levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and stimulates the production of PYY and GLP-1, hormones that help you feel full.

    Get enough of healthy fats

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    High-quality fats can reduce your appetite and have an impact on regulating the insulin levels. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are especially good for energy enhancement. MCTs are found in palm oil, coconut oil, and pure MCT oil. Additionally, consuming healthy fats belongs to the science based ways to boost testosterone, which is one of the hormones that becomes deficient as you age.

    Eat just the right amount of food

    When you are having troubles with hormonal balance, one of the consequences can be weight gain. Many people turn to undereating to cut down the pounds. However, both undereating and overeating have a bad impact on hormones.

    Undereating boosts the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, while overeating increases the levels of insulin, and thus, increases the risk of gaining pounds and even developing diabetes. Some research even suggests that eating less can trigger insulin resistance.

    It is always the best to consume food within your healthy calorie range.

    Include fatty fish in your diet

    Omega-3 fatty acids, found mostly in fish, have useful anti-inflammatory capabilities and beneficial effect on hormonal balance. It is believed that the Omega-3s can keep the cortisol levels within the normal range, reduce insulin levels, and lower your chances of obesity.

    Avoid sugary drinks

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    Even though we have already mentioned avoiding sugar, sugary drinks need to be particularly marked as a potential danger for hormonal and overall health. The sugar-sweetened beverages are linked with insulin resistance, particularly in obese and overweight people.

    Up your fiber intake

    Fiber encourages the production of hormones that are in charge of feeling full and stimulates insulin resistance. Both soluble and insoluble fiber plays a huge role in this process. Insoluble fiber is not digested because it doesn’t dissolve in water, but it can prevent constipation and lower the risk of hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.

    Avoid chemicals

    Chemicals found in house cleaning products, plastic, mattresses, hair dye, beauty products, and pesticides can disrupt your hormones because they release chemicals which can enter your body and act like hormones, and thus prevent the development of real hormones. Today, all of these products have organic alternatives, so stick to them.

    Be smart with supplements

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    Food is often not a sufficiently rich source for all the hormones you need especially in today’s market which prioritizes chemically-packed products. Some supplements, as long as they contain natural ingredients, can be helpful for hormonal balance. Those are usually Maca, Vitamin D, Omega 3s, and Magnesium.

    Get your dose of sleep

    Lack of sleep is associated with imbalances of several hormones, including cortisol, insulin, leptin, and growth hormone. Besides the advised eight hours you should also make sure your sleep is of good quality, which means it is not interrupted during the nights.

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    Hormones have a role in every aspect of your health. Their levels are just as important as their existence for your body to function properly. Otherwise, hormonal imbalances can cause weight gain, obesity, heart diseases, and other health issues. Follow these tips to keep your hormones in the right ratio, the natural way.


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