10 Ways Marisa Tomei Was My Spirit Animal in ‘My Cousin Vinny’

    Before Beyonce. Before Taylor. Before Jennifer Lawrence. There was Mona Lisa Vito.

    Marisa Tomei slayed her role in ‘My Cousin Vinny’, and taught all of us girls how to stay sassy, classy and a bit smart-assy.

    This is why Mona Lisa Vito will forever be my spirit animal.

    She was NEVER afraid to eat.

    Girl gets hungry, girl eats. No judging, no bullsh*t. No matter where she went she found what she wanted and she had it. Show up in a strange  town in Alabama and the first thing you ask about is food? Girl had her priorities straight.



    She’s an Animal Rights Activist

    Nothing has ever been put into perceptive better than Mona Lisa Vito explaining what actually happens when a deer get shots. I mean, c’mon! She cares so deeply about wild life and doesn’t want two big idiots out there shooting them for fun! Who says New Yorkers don’t care about nature…



    Queen Resting Bitch Face

    Never afraid to mask her emotions. If Lisa felt a certain way, you knew it. She didn’t care how you felt, whether you agreed or not. She didn’t even have to respond with words. You knew from those eyes, you were in deep sh*t.



    Her Timeline Was In Check.

    She had a plan and it was going to work. Whether you had to sell your left foot to make it happen or not, her plan was going to be on time. There was not waiting around. There was no right place, wrong time. You got it together or else you heard her wrath…



    She Called You Out On Your Sh*t

    You want to throw fire at this girl? She threw it right back. She was tough, had thick skin and wasn’t going to let anyone pass her off as an after thought. If you went after Mona Lisa, you had better be ready for what you had just asked for.



    She Was and Always Will Be Captain Clutch. 

    If you needed her, she was there whether she liked you or not. She knew what it meant to have respect and never turn your back on someone no matter how much of an assh*le they were to you in that sh*thole diner.



    She Put You in Line

    You think the world revolves around you? Wrong. If your head got too big, Vito put you right back in your spot. She was the reality check that everyone needed.200-16


    She Was A Fashion Goddess.

    She rocked her style, no matter where, no matter who was around, no matter what. Her taste in-uh, high fashion- was what made her who she is. Do you thin anyone could pull off a full flower body suit or a purple studded dress? I don’t think so…



    She Showed The World, SHE DON’T NEED NO MAN. 

    If something needed to be solved or fixed, she did it herself. Bathroom sink? Fixed. Tranny falling off? Got it. Innocent kid facing a murder sentence? No problem!



    So there you have it. Whether it was her beautiful fashion choices, her ‘ I don’t give a f*ck ” attitude, protecting innocent deer in the deep south or saving the day, Marisa Tomei’s Mona Lisa Vito was the original Lady OG. Growing up without her?!tumblr_ngm6xx7xfd1s4svnbo1_540



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