10 Smart Tips for Strong College Essay Introduction

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    If you want to become the best writer in a class, so everyone asks you, “How do you write a good introduction?”, check out the tips below. 

    Each college essay should start with an introduction. It is an essential part of a college paper that engages readers and delivers key-ideas. Also, an introduction should imply a strong thesis statement.

    1. Create Essay Hook

    For starters, you need to engage a reader. An essay hook is one or two sentences at the very beginning of a college essay introduction that captivate readers. Feel free to share an interesting fact or ask a provoking question. You can also share a citation or supplement your paper introduction with statistics to capture readers’ attention.

    2. Keep It Short

    Usually, a college paper introduction takes up to 10% of the total word count. If you need to write a 600-word essay, keep the introduction under 60 words. 

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    3. Provide Background Information

    Try to avoid generalization in your essay introduction. Provide readers with background information that reflects the main issue. Briefly describe a problem and share the key ideas to help readers take a deep dive into a paper’s topic.

    4. Create Smooth Transition to Essay Body

    A college paper consists of three parts that are the introduction, essay body, and conclusion. Feel free to add a transitional sentence that aims to lead readers to a more in-depth analysis of the main topic to the end of the first paragraph.  

    5. Keep It Simple and Straightforward

    Don’t try to enhance your essay introduction by using complex grammar. Try to keep it easy to understand for everyone. Feel free to examine good introduction paragraph examples to discover how to start an essay like a pro.

    6. Add Strong Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is one of the primary elements of an excellent essay introduction. In short, it is the main idea of a paper. The goal of a thesis statement is to enclose a topic and present the main problem in a few sentences.

    7. Write Several Drafts

    Sometimes, it’s hard to create a top-grade college paper introduction for the first time. Do not hesitate to write a few drafts and choose the best one.

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    8. Revise and Edit

    Always double-check your essay introduction to avoid any possible mistakes. Also, examine if your thesis statement reflects the main topic.

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    9. Write Introduction when Essay is Ready

    This tip will help you boost your paper writing skills. Start creating the first paragraph after writing your college essay. Therefore, you’ll be able to analyze your paper in more detail to share the key-ideas into the introduction. 

    10. Extra Tip

    Do you want everyone in a class to ask you, “How do you start a college essay so good?”. If so, ask your friend or family members to read your college paper introduction and suggest some improvements, if needed. Also, you can share the first paragraph on social media and ask your subscribers to provide feedback.