Why Should Your Business Go Mobile Today

    Enter the metro, go to a club, or visit a church. One thing you’ll definitely see is a smartphone being used.

    If you travel back in time, you will see a world wherein people kept phones to send messages and make calls. But the advancement in technology has changed everything. Mobile phones have become a necessity. There is literally no survival without them. That said, businesses must go mobile in order to survive and thrive in times of constant change. And it’s not only big businesses that can reap the benefits of mobile. All organizations looking to expand reach, boost sales and build credibility.

    There are a million reasons why mobile is taking the world by storm, but here are 6 of them that should convince you if you are not already convinced.

    That’s what your customers expect.

    According to a study, the average American spends 4.5 hours a day on their phone. While only a few applications and websites make up the bulk of this total usage, there is no denying the fact that each user has to scroll through their phones for the apps they want to use. 

    Going “mobile” can be an advantage for your business as customers want to access everything through their phones. Since these expectations have trickled into the B2B realm, whether it’s a dedicated app or a mobile-optimized website, people expect that mobile solutions will be available when the need arises.

    Your competitors are already doing it

    Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective of every business, it comes out as no surprise that your competitors are already on it. Even if all of them are not, it should be the approach for all businesses wanting to survive in the competitive market. Adapting to the needs of customers is very crucial, but doing it before your competitors can help cement the perception that you value the buyer, and are willing to use technology to their benefit.

    Mobile can improve customer engagement.

    Whatever your services/products may be, your customers need a medium to contact and communicate with you. Having an easy to navigate mobile application can help make the two-way communication between you and the users easier. This is what apps like Tillster and Open Table did. They built a platform that makes it convenient for people to reach diners through smartphones. Instead of calling to book a table, users can book it on the platform within a few clicks. Think about it. Isn’t it the best way to improve customer engagement? 

    It can help create a personalized user experience.

    We wear, carry, and keep mobile next to ourselves even when we go off to sleep. This is because smartphones provide a more personal experience than any other medium ever has. People only want to build relationships through a medium that offers easy access. Mobility is changing the way people behave, elevating their expectations, instilling new habits, and connecting us to different parts of the world.

    You can’t afford not to.

    Back in history, adaptation to technology was not in trend, majorly because it had a limited lifespan. However, this is not true in the case of mobile. The shift to mobile is not a technological trend that will fade away; it is the advancement in technology that makes everything more favorable for the world. That said, you can’t afford to miss the incredible business opportunities that mobile offers. The switch to mobile will definitely benefit you in the long run, outweighing the initial investment you will make on strategizing and hiring a firm for digital marketing in Frederick, MD

    The mobile industry will only go up.

    While the digital revolution has reduced the usage of other forms of media, mobile is the only industry that has made it’s way up and will continue to do the same. 

    Final Thoughts

    It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without smartphones.

    More than 90 percent of us suffer from Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome – where we mistakenly think that our phone is vibrating in our pocket when it isn’t. This is caused by our learned bodily habits; habits that increase the expectation of getting everything that is needed at our comfort.

    The shift from web to mobile has created a need for businesses to accommodate their digital presence. Having a mobile app and a mobile-friendly website can help businesses achieve their goals, whereas the contrary can cause damage in the long run. Do not forget to consult with experts of SEO in Frederick, MD, to optimize your website.

    If you haven’t already made your business mobile-ready, now is the time. 


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