Why Product Packaging is Important Like the Product Itself

    Shockingly, 90% of the newly launched products fail every year. The easiest reason for this happening is most customers don’t have enough time to weigh the pros and cons of trying something unique, therefore, they settle for the easiest ways to make their decision. Interestingly, their shortcut decision is your product’s packaging. As much as you want your product to thrive in the market, it is equally imperative to be concerned with how it is being introduced to the world. Not to forget, packing is crucial because it differentiates your brand. Good packaging is a short cut for any startup that wants to thrive in the market.

    Many people get surprised when they get to know about the importance of a product’s packaging. If you change the packaging of your failing product in the market, the chances are that it might survive. Hadn’t it been for the attractive packaging of several products in the market, their companies would have never seen the light of the day. Attractive packaging is the key focus of many companies in the market today. Contrary to this, poor packaging can have disastrous effects on the survival of a company in the market. Here are a few ways to design the best packaging for your products:

    1.     Know Your Demographics

    You should research the geography of a new area where you intend to sell your product or service. For instance, if you are launching a new product in New York, pitch-black color for the packaging might not work for the residents. As New York is a cosmopolitan and larger than life state, you will have to plan for something substantial. Knowing your audience can have a great impact on sales revenue. Especially when you are deciding on food packaging, it is imperative to go the extra mile, so customers feel compelled to purchase a new item in stock.

    1.     Packaging Should Be Interesting

    Your product’s packaging should be a unique experience for the customers. Regardless of what the products are, opening it should be worth the effort. One of the strong reasons why people enjoy unboxing an apple’s iPhone is, they feel empowered and privileged when going through the sleek design of the box. Similarly, when it comes to skincare products being sold in the market, most females fall for a product that looks as colorful and beautiful as they want to be themselves. So unless you don’t have something unique for the customers, they will not trust you instantly.

    1.     Eco-Friendly Options Are Healthy

    With the world becoming smaller in terms of the expansion of technology and information, people are much more aware of using eco-friendly products today. It is astonishing to know that around 52% of people choose products that are eco friendly and can make a positive impact on society. Companies that work relentlessly for the betterment of the world are termed as “green” and highly applauded by customers from across the globe. For example, Puma, a leading company in this world, has made eco-friendly packaging for all of its products. Similarly, other leading names in the industry are also planning to join the bandwagon.

    1.     Make Cheap Packaging look Personalized

    If you cannot afford expensive packaging for your product, there are ways to make even cheap packaging look classy. In simple words, attractive packaging does not necessarily need to be expensive. Especially if your product doesn’t have extended longevity after being packed, you can always look for cheaper options. Choosing the right colors can have a strong impact on consumer buying patterns. Especially if a product caters to people of different ages and genders, its packaging must speak volumes and should be cosmopolitan. 


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