Why Integrated Media Companies Are Here to Stay

    An integrated media company provides TV, internet access, and personal phone lines all under one roof. These are trusted companies that have built solid reputations across a variety of communities for providing them with entertaining content and making it convenient to get in touch with loved ones.

    These companies also tend to have both the resources and the relationships to offer better deals than their competitors, especially burgeoning media providers that concentrate on niche content. That means you benefit as a customer by enjoying more choices compared to any streaming service on the market today. It’s a little known secret, but the best tv and internet packages come from companies whose technology existed long before binge-watching was common parlance. Let’s find out why.

    Customer Service

    Experienced media companies like Shaw have expertise across different services like satellite TV, high-speed internet, and home phones, with a customer service team in place to answer your questions without re-routing you through an endless string of representatives. These organizations have a vested interest in keeping you satisfied because they rely on customer loyalty to stay in business. 

    They seek to add value beyond the cost of your plan because they have little interest in gaining millions of views or winning Oscars with original content. If a show doesn’t do well, they simply take it off air and move on to the next best candidate. What these companies care about is getting to know you so they can do everything they can to make your relationship a long-lasting one. Don’t be afraid to ask them to sweeten the deal when contract-renewal time comes around!


    When it comes down to it, integrated media providers can do business for cheaper and pass these savings along to you. For one, they may take advantage of tax incentives and better rates with electrical utilities. They also avoid the expense of outside contractors by taking care of sales, installation, and research and development in house. Their staff eventually gains the expertise to become a well-oiled machine that runs more efficiently with each passing year.

    Because of their diverse infrastructure, these providers can essentially give you more for a lower price in the form of bundles. What we mean here are service packages where you can sign up for TV, phone, and internet all in one go and pay a competitive monthly fee. That way, you only have to deal with one bill instead of juggling multiple companies and customer service departments.


    Due to brand awareness, and professional relationships with film and television studios, whose influence can entice creators to license their work, integrated media companies can offer you a wider selection of channels than newer players in the industry. Their TV packages let you and your family choose only the channels you’re interested in without having to scroll through 400 more you didn’t want. Whether you’re a sports lover, a soap opera fanatic, or you live for the anything-could-happen quality of reality TV, there will surely be something to suit your fancy. You may even have access to international channels so you can always stay connected to your roots back home.

    These companies also have the infrastructure to connect you to the internet with fewer interruptions and at higher speeds. There’s really no need to settle for a regional provider with slow download speeds when more efficient options are a phone call away.

    Signing up for multiple streaming services can quickly get out of hand, and frankly it’s too much effort just to relax with a favourite show and stay connected with the people in your life. Enlisting an integrated telecommunications company might be just the thing to take your hassle away.


    With better resources come the ability to offer services suited to customers of every budget and lifestyle. Most of these well-established media companies can focus on the casual user all the way up to those seeking premium amenities with the same level of care and attention. 

    If you’re only interested in basic channels and standard download speeds, they’ll have a package tailored to you. If you need satellite TV installed in your boat or cottage, they’ll have the professionals on staff to get the job done without delay. Everyone’s version of entertainment is different, and streaming services can be niche in their offerings, so might as well go with an integrated telecom that carries every niche under one roof.

    Rooted in Community

    Beyond business, vertically integrated media providers know they hold a privileged space in their customers’ lives.

    • An increasing number of households support themselves through online businesses. It’s more important than ever to partner with an internet provider with a reputation for reliable service.
    • Given the rising cost of living and the difficulties that come with working a full-time job, it does the mind good to have an affordable way to kick back and destress at the end of the day. Millions choose television as their outlet.
    • When there’s big news to be shared and a great distance between you, it matters that you can securely and dependably get the message across with unlimited calls and without having to lose your existing number.

    It’s about earning the right to be in a customer’s home by installing TV, phone, and internet hardware with service nothing short of exceptional. Why? Because telecoms are in the business of bringing communities closer together, and they can only achieve this by fostering trust, honesty, and fairness in everything they do.

    Stick with the established players in media and communications and you’ll get more for your money in the end. Their value-added enhancements like regular promotions, caller ID, channels in HD, and staff with a kind and courteous demeanor far outweigh their already low prices thanks to doing business at scale. Not only that, they’ll save you a whole lot of bother by dealing with a single company for your entire suite of media services. Find a provider you can trust because they have the experience to back it up and never worry about what to watch again.


    • Joselin Estevez

      Social Media Director

      Social Media Director at X Factor Media

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