Why Hundreds of Brands Trust Mitchell Conquer With Their Marketing Campaigns

    A reputable marketing firm should be able to understand the uniqueness of your business or entrepreneurship ideas. Through gaining an understanding of specific niches, a successful marketing firm should be able to separate your business from the competition.

    Mitchell Conquer and his marketing agency, Investor Social, are consistently separating their clientele from the competition. Currently managing one of the top investment companies in Canada regarding net worth, real estate teams that do over five hundred deals per year, and companies that religiously hit $500,000 monthly, Mitchell has plenty of experience within his field.

    What makes Mitchell a trusted and reliable partner is his approach to clients. His focus is not simply closing the deal, but rather building a strong network full of different portfolios. Mitchell focuses on strategic marketing which involves: building functional and optimized websites, growing social media presence, generating creative content used to engage with target audiences, producing quality articles, and designing brand strategy.

    Investor Social plans to become one of the largest business growth partners by using innovative thinking, impeccable branding strategies, and digital knowledge. By leveraging their expertise, Investor Social has the intentions of becoming the top high net worth marketing agency in the world.

    Being one of the most saturated industries in North America, there was a huge demand for diverse marketing strategies in real estate. Investor Social recognized a gap in the market and immediately began to work on a plan to diversify and fill the niche.

    Investor Social works with many companies that are still using old school marketing methods. By moving these companies to a digital marketing platform and growing their social media channels, Mitchell has been able to instill trust within his clients.

    Mitchell suggests that through finding your passion and focusing on your niche, you too will be able to conquer the market.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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