Why Get CSM Certified

    Scrum is a simple framework strategy designed to help DevOps teams and software development teams. It helps them to work together as communicative and collaborative teams to achieve common business goals. It is a widely-used Agile framework that allows the team to have shorter time cycles, continued learning, instantaneous feedback, and fast corrective actions. All of this is done for achieving the desired outcome through Scrum best practices and Agile principles. The flexibility offered by the methodology can be used in different circumstances of the business, or team process. This delivers the desired outcome and enhances the value of the product. 

    What is the job of a Scrum Master?

    A Scrum team is supposed to be self-organizing as there is no leader for delegating tasks. The whole team is responsible for resolving the issues. So, the job of a Scrum Master is different from that of a project manager. Project Manager has a more controlling and commanding role. However, a Scrum Master is a servant leader who has to make sure that the team members have every resource at their disposal. It is more of a coaching and leading role. As a Scrum Master, it is your job to promote the team, support them, and help them in understanding the theory, rules, values, and practices of Scrum. 

    Who is the CSM course best suited for?

    The CSM course has been designed for providing candidates with a strong understanding of Scrum as well as the skills you need for implementing Scrum successfully in the workplace. There are no eligibility requirements for this course. However, if you are familiar with software development, project management, and Agile/Scrum, it would be an added advantage for you. This course would be beneficial for everyone who is involved with product delivery like team members, team leaders, architects, developers, testers, analysts, project managers, product managers, development managers, teams that are transitioning to Scrum and professionals who want to start their career as a Scrum master. CSM training will give the professionals an opportunity for enhancing their proficiency in Agile as well as the Scrum practices.

    What are the contents of a CSM course?

    CSM courses are run by Certified Scrum Trainers. It has been designed to be more software and less IT-focused. This shows that it is adaptable to wider industries. During this two-day long, interactive course, the trainer will address the theory and principles of the Scrum framework and your role as a Scrum Master. Looking at every aspect of the Scrum framework from foundations and theory to practical applications as well as the pitfalls. The course will be covering team events, roles, rules, and artifacts that binds the methodology together. Through a combination of team-based exercises and instructions, all the delegates will be encouraged and challenged for understanding the Scrum principles and its implementation. After the 2-day workshop, you will have to sit for the CSM exam that has 50 questions. You have to get 37 questions right out of 50 questions.

    What will you be learning from the CSM course?

    When you take the CSM course, the delegates will be:

    • Achieving a deep understanding of the Scrum theory, framework, roles, rules, practices, and values.
    • An in-depth understanding of what the Scrum Master role entails and how they can interact with the stakeholders and the Scrum team.
    • Mastering the Scrum principles for getting a better understanding of their application after you return to your workplace.
    • Be able to create an effective development team that has the right mix of experience and skills.
    • Be able to work as the servant-leader for the Scrum team by enabling and promoting self-organization and teach them how to create high-value products.
    • Understanding the facilitation of the Scrum Events and removing the hindrances from the progress of the Scrum Team.
    • Helping the Scrum Product Owners in shaping and refining product backlogs so that you can guide an early and incremental deliverance of the valuable product.
    • Driving the adoption process of the Scrum framework in order to create an effective solution and product development while working with other Scrum Masters and stakeholders for improving its effectiveness.

    What are the reasons to get CSM certified?

    Here are a few reasons as to why you should get CSM-certified:

    1. Learning and practicing the basics of Scrum methodology – When it comes to Scrum and Agile values, Scrum Master is the ace. They have excellent command over the team dynamics and are able to create a self-organized team. Under the guidance of the Scrum Master, the team uses the Scrum and Agile practices for resolving these situations and achieving team collaboration and communication.
    2. Adapting the mindset to the Scrum thinking and actions – A CSM certification holder is the one who has the perception, knowledge, and insights for leading teams to organizational success.
    3. Becoming marketable, relevant, and industry-ready – Scrum methodology is so popular right now. This is because it works well at all the different levels and in personal as well as professional environment. 
    4. CSM certification has several organizational benefits as well – During the training, you will learn how to use the latest resources, tools, and technologies to ensure that the company has better-organized business processes and teams that cost less time and money.
    5. Transitioning the organization to Scrum methodology – This methodology ensures enhanced resource management, better yields, lesser times to the market, timely insights, and potentially shippable after every sprint. All of the benefits translate into improved profits and productivity.
    6. Better peer interaction – The Scrum methodology is usable and simple. As a certified Scrum Master, you have to enable yourself and other team members for promoting productivity and obtaining desired outcomes through efficient collaboration and communication work.
    7. Certification allows you to practice, prove, and update your Scrum knowledge – You will earn your CSM certification after going through rigorous training. It will help you land jobs with fantastic payouts with continued learning and development.
    8. You will be able to earn a place among the Scrum experts – The Scrum Master certification allows you to join a band of professionals that have access to the community and have continued experiential learning.

    Multinational companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and many more have either transitioned to or are currently doing it. The role of the Scrum Master is important. With the certification, you will have the ability to ensure proper implementation of the methodology in the business. Along with this, you will also be able to enjoy all the benefits the certification has to offer.


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