Why Every Medicine Cabinet Should Contain Black Seed Oil

    People have, for hundreds of years, spoken about finding the ‘elixir of life’ or about the newest, latest, best ‘miracle cure’ for all ailments. Well, while the ‘elixir of life’, which would give you immortality, is a myth, the ‘miracle cure’ may actually exist. It is called Black Seed Oil.

    Now, before scrolling past, because it sounds too good to be true, please read further and make up your own mind before scoffing.

    You see, Black Seed Oil is nothing new. It has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And while folklore would have this oil curing myriad health issues, medical science is increasingly finding that the claims are not unfounded. But before looking at the medical findings, let us first take a look at the history of the oil.

    Black Seed Oil History

    Black Seed Oil is made from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. This plant grows in the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of the Mediterranean. We know that even ancient Egyptians knew of its benefits, as was seen when a vial of the oil was discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb. Queen Nefertiti was also reputed to have used the oil as part of her beauty regime. But it was the Prophet Mohammed who coined the phrase of the oil ‘being a cure for all disease except death’.

    In more recent times, various researchers across the globe have started studying the seeds and oils of the Nigella sativa plant, only to realize that they have not yet studied the plant’s full potential. So, research continues. We will take a brief look at some of the many potential benefits science has thus far discovered.

    The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

    Research in the properties of Nigella sativa seeds and Black Seed Oil shows some very promising results. These could be ascribed to the seed and oil’s different properties. They are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-nociceptive, and anti-epileptic, amongst many others. The many properties could thus account for the oil’s ability to fight, help prevent, and help heal many different health issues and disorders.

    The problem with many of today’s health issues is that they result from lifestyle issues. These include the stress we live under, the food we eat, our lack of exercise, and even the air we breathe. Health issues like obesity, depression, diabetes, and many more are examples of these health issues.

    Much of the oil’s effectiveness could be due to its components, including thymoquinone, thymol, nigellicine, and many others. These different components and their diverse but also combined benefits serve to address a wide range of health issues and their underlying causes.


    Diabetes is increasingly becoming a lifestyle-related health concern. And if not correctly managed, could result in other issues ranging from eye damage to nerve damage to cardiovascular disease, amongst others. Black seed oil, however, helps increase glucose intolerance, helps regulate your blood sugar levels, helps with insulin production, and could also help to improve pancreas function.


    Depression is a neurological condition associated with a brain hormone imbalance often resulting from stress. Research shows that black seed oil may help depression by helping to balance brain hormones. It may also benefit other neurological disorders resulting from a brain hormone imbalance.

    Male Infertility

    Couples very often fail to fall pregnant because of a male’s sperm quality, morphology, or sperm count. A study, however, shows that by using Black Seed Oil, a man could increase his sperm’s motility, count, morphology, and volume.


    Another lifestyle issue, obesity is on the increase, with 32.6% of the adult US population alone considered in this category. And obesity in children is on the rise. These trends seem to cross the globe, however, with numbers increasing each year. Research, however, indicates that Black Seed Oil may help with weight loss and thus help address obesity.

    Gastrointestinal (GI) Disorders

    Many people suffer from GI disorders like heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and many others. While conventional medications may help your issue, they often cause side effects like kidney stones, imbalances in your gut flora composition, and many others. Studies, however, show that Black Seed Oil could help in addressing various GI issues without any of these side effects.

    Skin Conditions

    Many skin issues have a measure of inflammation, microbial activity, and inflammation attached. Yet applying the oil topically helps prevent acne and, when compared with conventional medications, may both help prevent or reduce the occurrence of eczema. Furthermore, people suffering from psoriasis may also benefit from using the oil according to a 2012 study.


    In 2017, an estimated 1.3% of the world’s population had cancer. And these numbers increase each year. Unfortunately, many of the so-called cures like radiation therapy and chemotherapy leave people feeling sick and weak as it takes a toll on their immune systems. Studies, however, show that Black Seed Oil has antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative, prop-apoptotic, NK cytotoxic, and antimetastatic properties. These various properties may suppress the development of tumors, reduce your risk of growing tumors, and even kill off cancer.

    In Closing

    The saying goes ‘you are what you eat’. And what you eat does indeed play a large role in your general health or lack thereof. Yet sometimes, no matter how hard you strive to follow a healthy diet, other factors come into play, causing various health conditions. You cannot isolate yourself from everything that could potentially harm you. But you can consider using supplements to provide your body with the support it needs to address them. Black Seed Oil is one such supplement.


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