Why Do We Have Ants in the Bathroom

    Have you ever wondered why do you find ants in the bathroom? You will find ants everywhere in your house, mostly in the kitchen or dining area where they can find plenty of food particles lying on the floor. 

    You will be surprised to know, there are also many places in your bathroom that can attract ants. Now the question is, is it possible to get rid of ants in the bathroom without using any medicine or sprays?

    Most ants are harmless, but having unwanted guests in your bathroom can be pretty gross. Removing ants from your bathroom is not a difficult task. But before that, it is better to know the reason why do we have ants in the bathroom.

    Why Do We Have Ants in the Bathroom?

    Before trying to find a solution, you should reach out to the cause of their presence. Usually, ants are attracted to food and odors, which are present in the bathroom.

    • Moisture

    You will always use a bathroom to shower or wash your hands. Hence, the presence of water is kind of mandatory there. Due to water, there is moisture in the air, which causes the decay of the wood of cabinets.

    Moreover, if there are any leaks from the tap, the water stays longer in the bathroom — the leakage and decaying wood act as a source of food for ants. 

    • Human Hair

    If you have left your hair in the water drainage after taking a bath, you have indirectly invited the ants. We know it sounds gross, but fermented human hair is one of the causes ants keep lurking in your bathroom. 

    • Odors 

    Do you know, scents coming out of your water drainage attract these insects? If you were unaware, make sure to cover your water drainage properly, from now. The ants are attracted to the scent of hair in freestanding water. 

    • Dirt

    If you don’t clean your bathroom on a regular basis or twice a week, there are higher chances of insects in your bathroom. Of course, ants are more attracted to a dirty bathroom as compared to a clean one, as there will be so much food for them. 

    Getting Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

    The presence of ants in your bathroom can be frustrating, especially when you keep your bathroom clean. Instead of using toxic insecticides to kill ants, you can use some other things so that your bathroom doesn’t smell like a chemical laboratory.


    In short, moisture is the main reason behind the presence of ants in your bathroom. No matter what you do, you can’t make a bathroom dry completely. Therefore, clean your bathroom thoroughly. Pay special attention to the inviting locations, such as, under the sink or the walls. The cleaner your bathroom will be, the lesser chances of ants. 

    Now that you understood why ants come as uninvited guests, you can get rid of ants in the bathroom very easily. After getting rid of them, keep your toilets and bathrooms clean all the time, so they may never return. Precaution is the key!


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