Who Benefits from Computers Reading to Us?

    First of all, the accepted name of a computer or software reading to you is actually called text to speech converting.  The industry is booming because we are finding so many practical ways to use it and they are making a huge difference in the world.

    Reading is not fun or enjoyable for a lot of people, so it has its perks, but it is also improving people’s lives in a functional manner.  Would you believe me that it is actually saving a lot of lives in the process?  More on that later in the post at the bottom section.

    Let’s look at some of the major groups that could benefit from text to speech.  They are in no particular order and there are honestly too many groups to list!

    New Learners

    Everyone remembers the first time that they picked up a book or looked at a sheet of words and were so lost.  One of the problems is that we have to have a teacher sitting right there to assist us with going word by word from left to right.

    With text to speech, the education industry can benefit from a converter just sounding out the words in a slow way and the kid can follow along.  You can even control the tone and speed that the converter is talking about, so it could be a huge helping tool.

    Reading Impaired

    Some people have a struggling time to read something and comprehend what it was saying.  Whether it is a dyslexic disorder, any disability, or you are blind, a text to speech converter could simply read everything you need.

    Taking away the struggle or time that it would take to read and just simply speaking the text into a voice is a huge breakthrough for any group that makes it tough for them to read.  It is definitely one of the best breakthroughs that we have had when it comes to fixing this problem.


    Another group that is starting to feel the benefits is people that use new cars with this technology.

    The fact that people are not going to be glued to their phones and can instead just listen to a voice has the opportunity to save a lot of potential lives in the future.  New cars are reading text messages and other things that drivers used to take their eyes off the road to read.

    This is probably the biggest impact that text to speech is having on actually saving human lives.  It is astonishing and points to the fact that this technology is life-changing.

    Those are just three of the main demographics and groups that are feeling the positive effects of text to speech and its capabilities.  There are so many other groups to mention but it would be a long post!

    Share this post if you learned something and thank you for reading!  Let’s keep an eye out for all of the other positive impacts that text to speech converters are going to have.


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