Where Can I Order Migraine Medications in the U.K.?

    Severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation (especially on just one side of the head) is the most common symptom of a migraine. More often than not, a migraine is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound all of which can result in severe pain for hours and sometimes it can last for days.

    Migraine is a prevalent condition. About 5 – 25 percent and 2 – 10 percent of men in the U.K. have been reported to suffer from a migraine annually. There are many medicines used to treat migraine in the U.K. This article contains

    Is it Legal to Order Migraine Medications in the U.K.?

    Yes, the medical laws in the U.K. allow you to order migraine medications. While some of these medicines are available over the counter, before you order a migraine medication, you would need a prescription. These prescriptions do not have to be gotten from a face to face meeting with a doctor, online consultation will suffice.

    Which Migraine Medication Can I Order Online in the U.K.?

    Migraine is a widespread health condition, as such, there are many medicines available for its treatment. Some medications used to treat migraine are reserved for severe cases or with the prescription of a specialist. The migraine medicines you can order online in the U.K. are;


    This is one of the most popular triptans used for the treatment of migraine. Sumatriptan is both the name of a generic migraine drug and the active ingredient contained in the drug. One of the most popular brands of this drug is Imigran (50 mg and 100 mg), which is also available as a nasal spray.

    Other popular brands include Imitrex, Sumax, and Sumatran. These drugs end or relieve an intense migraine and cluster headaches. Sumatriptan is available in 50 mg while the different brands come in different dosages. Injected Sumatriptan is known to give the quickest relieve to migraine. A tablet of generic Sumatriptan starts at £1.87 while Imigran starts at £2.7


    The active ingredient in this drug is rizatriptan benzanoate. Rizatriptan is available as orally disintegrating tablets and regular tablets. Both tablets are available as 5 mg and 10 mg. This drug reduces the substances in the body which are responsible for starting a headache, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, and other symptoms of migraine.


    Maxalt is a branded version of Rizatriptan. It contains the same active ingredient. It helps to relieve a headache, pain, nausea, and sensitivity to sound and light. However, it does not stops a migraine from returning in future. Maxalt works faster when taken on an empty stomach. Yet, it can also be taken with food or a full stomach.

    It is available in different dosages. Children should take not more than 5 mg of this drug within 24 hours. The maximum dose for adults is 30 mg. However, individuals taking propranolol should not take more than 15 mg within 24 hours. A tablet of Maxalt starts at around £7.


    This is another triptan used for the acute treatment of migraine in adults. The active ingredient of the drug (Zolmitriptan) is a selective serotine receptor agonist. It works correctly on 1B and 1D serotine receptors.

    Zomig is available as a tablet, an orally disintegrating tablet, and a nasal spray. They come in 2.5 and 5 mg doses. When taken this medicine helps relieve pain, headache, and other symptoms of a migraine.

    Where Can I Order a Migraine Medication in the U.K.?

    There are many online pharmacies where you can order migraine medication in the U.K., but not all are registered by appropriate regulatory agencies. The following online pharmacies are registered and meet the requirements for online pharmacies in the United Kingdom.


    Pharmica is a registered online pharmacy operating in the U.K. You can order your migraine medications from this online drug store with nothing to worry about. You would find major brands of migraine medications at this online drug store. Consultancy at Pharmica is free.

    Once you are registered, you need to complete a medical questionnaire as is required by the National Health Services. After this, a GP (General Practitioner) would evaluate your questionnaire and prescribe the best medication based on condition.

    Express Pharmacy

    Express pharmacy is another great pharmacy that meets the requirements of online pharmacies in the U.K. You would find most of the migraine medications you need at this drug store. As a fully regulated online pharmacy, you would need to complete a consultancy before you can purchase a prescription here.

    Prescription Doctor

    Prescription Doctor is equally an excellent online pharmacy where you can order a variety of quality migraine medications in the U.K. The procedure to request a medicine at MedExpress is very similar to that of Pharmica.

    This pharmacy has registered healthcare professionals who would evaluate your online questionnaire. After your questionnaire has been reviewed by a general practitioner, you would be given one or several prescriptions which you can order from the online drug store.

    How Can I Order a Migraine Medication in the U.K.?

    The Nation Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom makes it mandatory for anyone looking to order a migraine migration to completes a consultation first. The consultation can be either an online medical questionnaire or an online video consultancy with a GP (General Practitioner).

    If you are unsure where you carry out a consultation, all the online pharmacies recommended above offer that service. After evaluating your condition, a GP would prescribe either a mild pain killer such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, a triptan, or a combination of both. After getting your prescription, you can then proceed to order your medicine at any of those online drug stores.

    Why Should You Consult a GP for a Migraine Medication?

    Many consider a migraine as just another headache. As a result, they do not see the need to consult a general practitioner before taking migraine medication. A migraine can be a more than many would want to admit.

    One reason why you should always contact a GP before getting medicine for migraine is that there is no absolute cure for migraine. While many medications can relieve the symptoms of migraine, no drug can entirely cure migraine.

    The most significant reason why you should contact a GP is for the fact that getting a migraine medication that would really work for you can be difficult, especially when done alone. To avoid trying out ten different drugs and even combinations for your migraine.

    While consulting a general practitioner does not ensure that you get the most effective medicine for you at the first try, he would help reduce the number of drugs you have to try out first. Also, while you may be oblivious of possible interactions of different medicines when trying out a combination, a GP is trained to spot a potential drug interaction.


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