What to Look for When Hiring a Web Designer

    Your Business Website Needs These Vital Design Elements

    If you run a business, you really need a website and it has to be a good one. It needs to be fast, modern and one that makes you stand out in a positive way, as well as being a website that enables you to serve your customers more effectively.

    Unfortunately, the chances are you are not going to have the necessary skills to be able to build a website like that yourself. So, you will need to hire a web designer, preferably one like Fastfwd Webdesign. A firm that offers a service that is truly tailored to each customer’s needs, rather than simply churning out cookie-cutter websites. Below, we explain how to find one that serves your industry and the geographical area you operate in.

    Someone who can create a truly modern website

    The website that is delivered to you needs to look good. But it also needs to work well.

    You cannot afford to inadvertently end up paying for a website that does not have a responsive design. If you do, people who are trying to view it on their mobile will not find it easy to read or use. Worse, the chances of your website ranking on page one of Google will be severely reduced. The world´s biggest search engine only rewards those sites that are truly user-friendly with higher rankings. This is understandable given the fact that around 60% of searches are now carried out on mobile devices. Some studies even indicate that it is 70, not 60%. Regardless, your website must be mobile-friendly. If it is not you are sure to lose business.

    A firm that will build you a fast website

    It is also important to find a web designer who can build you a fast website. The speed at which your site loads is another ranking factor. There is evidence that those sites that load too slowly are pushed down the rankings making it almost impossible for you to gain new customers.

    Not to mention the fact that people do not like slow websites. If your site does not load instantly the chances are that your potential customers will simply go elsewhere. 

    A truly user-friendly website

    We have all gone to a website and been unable to do what we want on it. You do not want that to happen to your customers. When someone cannot quickly and easily find the information they need, they inevitably end up shopping elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, an awful lot of web designers are not very good at creating websites that are truly user friendly. There is a tendency not to look at the user experience (UX) in enough detail. If you can find a designer that does take UX seriously you will potentially be able to leap ahead of your competitors.

    The above are the main things you should look out for when hiring a web designer. But don’t forget to also make sure that you can communicate effectively with them. The design process is very much a two-way street, so good communication between you and your designer is essential. 


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