What Makes a Strong Team Lead?

    A successful leader must adapt to changing realities while empowering your team to succeed. Leadership has a significant impact on an organization’s operations. People who work in a company with good leadership are usually more happy and content. With competent leadership, individuals work together more effectively to achieve their goals.

    However, companies worldwide are experiencing a leadership crisis. Based on the 2021 Global Leadership forecast released on May 12, 2021, only 11 percent of the firms questioned had a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench. 

    Furthermore, despite spending $160 billion on staff training and education, 77 percent of employers perceive a leadership deficit. A good team lead helps to boost efficiency, keeps team members supported, and drives the business forward. Here are a few tips on building and strengthening your leadership abilities.

    Understand Responsibilities

    Leaders must be accountable, visible, and accessible in times of crisis. Great leaders display their willingness to accept responsibility for their actions and decisions. However, leaders are put in charge on many occasions without fully understanding their responsibilities and accountability. 

    So it’s essential to make sure that you have specific roles and responsibilities even before assuming leadership. This gives you more clarity, alignment, and expectations about how you should do your job as a leader. It also makes it easier for everyone in the team to communicate and work together better.

    A team leader may have additional responsibilities that go beyond simply leading and assisting the team. Because a team leader has a lot on their plate, your team must understand their tasks and expectations. This will be different for every team lead as every team, project, and business are different. So if you’re unsure what your role will be, don’t be afraid to ask.

    Stay on Top of Things

    An effective leader demands constant focus, determination, and a responsible and structured team to achieve the desired outcomes. In addition, you need to keep an eye on the ball and know the ins and outs of your business.

    Keeping track of your business’s progress is a must if you want to know how well it is doing. When you keep an eye on your company’s performance, you can protect yourself against unexpected issues and boost productivity.

    A competent team lead is organized, updated, and constantly aware of the ins and outs of a project. A team lead should be kept informed of all project updates and revisions as they occur. This also entails managing timeframes and meeting deadlines.

    Implement a Strategy

    Your strategy serves as a framework and helps you reach your goals as a business. It creates a roadmap of how each of your objectives should be accomplished. Surprisingly, over 47 percent of small business owners lack a set strategy for assisting their company’s growth.

    There are many management strategies, such as agile project management or implementing Gantt charts. The agile approach is a project management method that involves breaking a project into different phases.

    Good team leaders know how to use tools and technology to accomplish their goals. You should utilize a cloud-based project management platform or communication software that all team members can use. Find one that works for you.

    Support the Team

    Successful leaders maintain high morale and motivate workers to perform effectively. Leaders that know how to support and empower employees are more likely to succeed in the workplace. It fosters good interpersonal relationships, boosts morale, and reduces work-related stress. 

    A good team leader is readily accessible to offer assistance and guidance to team members who need it. They are also not afraid to say they don’t know how to support them but are ready to figure out the possible solutions. Encourage your employees to assume responsibility for a project. Additionally, assistance can come in the form of education and training.

    Act as Change Agent

    Teams, processes, and businesses evolve regularly. Instead of trying to catch up after the fact, a team leader should be in the driver’s seat and assist in determining the next course of action. As soon as something isn’t quite right, the team leader should be taking proactive steps to fix it.

    An agent of change advocates and facilitates change initiatives within an organization. Promote the development of new skills and encourage new ideas. Take time to teach your team how to deal with change and help them see it as a chance to grow.

    Good Leadership is Crucial in Business

    It’s crucial to cultivate and support strong leadership in your business. Having a strong team leader can make or break a company and its profitability. Conversely, a poor team lead can harm productivity and morale and wreak havoc on processes.


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