What is Video Marketing and Why is it Important For Small Businesses?

    Video Marketing has encountered peak popularity in the last decade. There is something fascinating about video marketing that lures your target audience into listening to you. Video marketing has unquestionably become the next thing to look forward to. If you’re considering utilizing video marketing in your marketing strategy, you might want to do sufficient research to ensure that your marketing strategy is successful. 

    Small and medium businesses, today, are taking complete advantage of video marketing to leverage their marketing strategy. Explore below everything you need to know about video marketing. 

    So What Exactly is Video Marketing? 

    In simple terms, video marketing refers to a form of marketing wherein you incorporate videos into your marketing strategy. Videos play a fundamental role in allowing you to engage well with your customers, encourage brand awareness, and further launch your products and services. 

    Video Marketing is ideal for a wide range of reasons. What makes video marketing quite the catch is the mere fact that it offers a visual representation of your brand to your customers. This appeals to your customers and your target audience as a whole, thereby boosting your client base. 

    About 81% of brands make use of videos in their marketing strategy. An average individual watches over one and a half-hour of video content online every day. About 76% of marketers suggest that videos play a crucial role in enhancing sales and traffic. 

    These statistics only suggest that video marketing is quite an impactful form of raising brand awareness and ultimately boosting your company sales. Explore below some of the well-known benefits of video marketing. You don’t need expertise on video editing as there are many online video editor tools available.

    1. Boost Brand Awareness 

    Videos are comparatively more appealing and simultaneously lure people to view what you have to offer. They’re an exceptional means to connecting deeply with your prospective clients and further giving them the chance at getting to know your company. With high-quality video content and a strong marketing strategy, you can attract all the attention your brand truly deserves. 

    Marketers are recommended to do meticulous research while planning out their marketing strategy. Your goal is to make unique, sophisticated, and informative videos. 

    2. Enhance your Online Presence 

    Every marketer knows that building an online presence is an extremely crucial aspect of building your brand’s integrity and credibility. Businesses may find it challenging to stand out in the marketplace or gain optimal success without an online presence. Video marketing helps marketers boost their online presence. Engaging and knowledgeable form of content related to your business is just what you need to reach your target audience effectively. 

    3. Promote Social Media Engagement 

    One of the most powerful benefits of video marketing is that it helps you connect with your clients. Videos are a great way of expressing your brand rather than texts and images. Engagement plays a significant role in determining the success of your company. If your content isn’t engrossing enough, it won’t drive traffic. 

    Simultaneously, this will result in poor performance of your marketing strategy. Video marketing thus acts as a key to connecting deeply with your prospective customers. 

    4. Build a Loyal Customer Base 

    Video marketing is the purest form of building trust between your customers. When you publish videos, you show a much more raw side of your brand to your customers. Customers are thus more likely to purchase your products when they view your videos. 

    This is solely because videos bring a much more personal essence to your brand, thereby attracting your customers to the fullest. Videos play a quintessential role in helping customers understand what your brand is all about. This, in turn, builds a sort of trust among your potential customers. 

    5. Tells a Story 

    A video is worth a thousand stories. Video marketing is primarily successful as it helps you tell a story to your customers. Humanizing your brand is a rather powerful move when it comes to revealing your brand’s personality. 

    The mere feature of allowing customers to see and hear you makes videos a great choice for connecting on a personal level with your clients. 

    6. Generates Sales 

    Videos encourage brand awareness and offer a plethora of benefits that will leave you amazed. From boosting your online presence, improving customer engagement, humanizing your brand, and even generating sales, the benefits of video marketing are plenty. Video Marketing is the perfect strategy that you can utilize to its fullest potential to open doors of opportunities for your brand. 

    Creating distinctive, knowledgeable, and light-hearted videos can bring your audience closer to your brand. Essential brand engagement may be just what you need to boost your company’s performance. 

    7. Easy to Produce 

    Contrary to the popular belief, videos are not only cost-effective but also easy to produce. Creating and further editing videos is an effortless task if you follow the right tips and tricks. Marketers can make professional videos without requiring professional equipment. 

    With minimal assistance and essential video editing tools, you can create some of the most high-quality videos with ease. 

    Marketers can also use a smartphone to edit their videos. 

    Different Types of Video Marketing 

    Thanks to the evolution of digital marketing, you have plentiful options when it comes to building your video marketing strategy. Video marketing is helpful in a myriad of ways. From educating your customers on your products, informing them about your brand, and further building a client base. Some of the common videos businesses can use for advertising their business include- 

    • Education Videos 
    • Product videos 
    • Brand films 
    • Experience Videos 
    • Company Culture Videos 
    • FAQ Videos 
    • Testimonials 
    • Instruction Videos 

    Bottom Line 

    Video Marketing is the new game-changer in the field of digital marketing. Every marketer must consider incorporating a robust video marketing strategy in their business plan. With thorough planning, essential plotting, and a strong business strategy, brands are bound to accomplish optimal success in a short span of time. 

    Moreover, thanks to a wide range of editing tools available on the internet, making videos has now become easier than ever.

    Main Photo by Kyle Loftus.


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