What Is The Difference Between Business Communication And An Expository Essay?

    Even though “business communications” is a household term in the corporate world, people still wrongly substitute it with the term, “expository essay”. Many individuals find this misunderstanding difficult. This gives rise to unwanted connotations about these papers. Let us talk about the two different papers that communicate different information.

    The applications of these literary works are worlds apart. Yet, they share certain common grounds. These similarities tend to serve as a basis for the mix-up. Talking about the differences between both types of articles, without a full understanding of what they are, is starting on the wrong foot. This write-up aims at bringing you up to speed on all there is to know about business communication and an expository essay.

    What is Business Communication?

    Business communications writing is an informatory text that seeks to educate the public or specific set of people about a service or goods. It is also used in the corporate organization as an internal mechanism to facilitate information gathering and dissemination.

    A business communication essay is often task-specific. Managements apply it to assess or get a public view on a matter arising on a service or product. It usually focuses on a wide range of topics about a business or brand. Such topics include:

    1.   marketing,
    2.   public relations,
    3.   brand management,
    4.   customer relations,
    5.   advertising,
    6.   corporate communication,
    7.   employee engagement,
    8.   and community engagement etc.

    The nature of the topic discussed is the main determinant of the discretion and level of publicity attached to that paper. Thus, writers classify papers holding sensitive information and keeping only for management leadership.

    What is an Expository Essay?

    What is expository composition? This type of composition is geared at informing an audience on a spec topic. It achieves this through logical and feasible claims to inform its readers on a topic. The purpose of expository is to approve or disprove a point stated in clear and concise terms. Hence, it is paramount that from the first paragraph, the writer points out this goal to the reader.

    The style of writing an expository essay is not left to the creativity of the writer alone. The writer must follow some formats when writing such an essay. These formats state referencing styles, methods of presenting expository report, facts, and data used in writing the paper.


    There is a fine line between the expository essay and the business communication paper. The first which is notable, is its audience. An expository essay is more lenient in their choice of words to ease the flow of understanding and readability. But, business communication has no need for such measures and makes use of terms –that are common to those in that business arena- deemed fit, without much thought to readability.

    An expository essay is often written from the observer’s point of view. This means the intended audience often does not influence the subject matter. In article writing, writers do not consider an expository essay, as a communication write-up. This is because the writer expects no action in return from the audience. Such expository paper examples include:

    •   an expository essay on the Steel industry in Europe written for a mid-school magazine,
    •   an essay on the historical development of the Wool Industry in China written for tourists, etc.


    Irrespective of the differences between the two types of text, they have the same destination in mind, just different routes. Both strive for the reader to grasp the intricacies of a concept or perception of a subject.

    Another similarity they share is the sensitivity towards the audience. Both articles are target-specific. This means writers must have in mind the demographics and type of readership they expect. As a result, there are certain phrases, fonts, writing styles, and texts that are inappropriate or unethical. Such examples include:

    •   using vernacular without full explanation in a business communication text to a board of directors,
    •   stating facts without referencing, in an expository essay to a group of scholars, etc.


    Now, you appreciate being free from the misconception of expository essay and business communication. You can choose to run with this new understanding of the application of these two literary works. Know the differences in both your reading and writing styles of expository essay and business communication. Then, you can send and receive the whole intended message effectively.


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