What is an MRI Scan used for?

    MRI Scans

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is very helpful to the medical industry and patients in detecting physical anomalies and assisting both parties to formulate the best course of treatment for patients. Medical technology has developed valuable innovations in advancing the field of medicine to better serve patients. An MRI takes at least 15 minutes and as long as an hour and a half, depending on the part of the body being scanned. Here’s how patients benefit from this invaluable medical machinery:

    It is non-invasive

    Getting an MRI does not require a patient to be surgically cut to expose the area that needs attention. No anesthetic or sedative is needed prior to the procedure. The patient can just walk in and out of the MRI room without prior or post-procedure preparations that can otherwise disable him/her from certain movements.

    It creates detailed images of internal body structures

    The magnetic field and radio waves emitted by the MRI scanner create vivid and detailed images of body structures that can help determine what is wrong with a certain area in the body. The powerful magnet in the machine aligns the body’s hydrogen atoms, and when radio waves are emitted, these atoms create detailed images in a computer.

    It can differentiate various soft tissues and liquids in the body

    An MRI scan can tell soft tissues, fat, water and muscle from each other, making it easier to indicate which is which. With a better understanding of the patient’s internal body structure, it is easier to diagnose illnesses. A contrast dye can be used to provide a better view of blood vessels and tissues. But not all cases need a contrast dye.

    It does not use or emit radiation

    Compared to CAT scans, an MRI scan does not emit harmful radiation that can be detrimental to a person’s health in the long run. What it uses is a powerful magnet and radio waves to create images. Ionizing radiation is very harmful to the body. Over the course of time, this radiation can affect body organs such as the thyroid gland.

    It is a better procedure than a CAT scan

    Although a CAT scan can produce better images of bones, in all other areas the MRI is a far better procedure. The overall benefits of undergoing an MRI are much more than what a patient can get from a CAT scan.

    Treating illnesses and other medical conditions is now much easier thanks to procedures such as MRI, which can produce powerful and detailed images of certain areas in the body. There is also no recovery time for this type of procedure as it does not involve any needles or opening up the body. 

    Waiting for an MRI scan appointment, but it may take a long time, as it is a very in-demand procedure. There are many medical facilities that offer MRI, but they can get quite congested with patient appointments. Check out a good private MRI scan in London that offers faster service.


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