What Does Every Wedding Planner Need?

    Weddings are wonderful occasions that bring a lot of joy to a couple and their loved ones, but the planning process can sometimes be very stressful and overwhelming. This is why a lot of couples choose to use the services of a wedding planner to help them handle this responsibility and make the whole process a bit easier for them. If you are someone who loves helping others and planning events, you might have already considered getting into wedding planning as a career. However, it’s important to remember the following things you will need if you do want to give this job a go.


    The wedding industry is huge, and many different things go into making a couple’s big day perfect. From flowers, catering, table settings, lighting, and entertainment to name but a few things, all of this comes together for a wedding. As the wedding planner, it is your responsibility to organize all of these different areas and bring them together while still keeping within the budget the couple has set for you. This is why you need contacts at florists, catering companies, venues, etc. so that you can get great deals and forge reliable professional relationships. You might also want to use useful websites like this one that lists wedding bands London and other parts of the UK to find entertainment and similar websites that list other useful businesses that could help you.

    Create a Professional Website

    You will also need to have a professional website if you want to get taken seriously as a wedding planner, and the majority of people search for these kinds of services online anyway, so a presence there is a must-have. There are plenty of website builders you can use for free or at a low cost, which is ideal for those who are trying to keep overheads low until their wedding planning career takes off. Make sure that potential clients can find your contact information on your website, and show some samples of your work in a photo gallery, as well as letting clients leave testimonials on your site. 

    Organization Skills

    Moving on to some skills that you need to have to be a successful wedding planner: being good at being organized is key. Your clients are relying on you to ease the stress of wedding planning for them, which means that you will be responsible for keeping track of invoices, bookings, appointments, and so on. You must be able to organize all of this information efficiently so it’s easy to find when you need it, and all of the couples you’re working for can see where they are up to regarding the overall plans.


    Another thing you will need as a wedding planner is a lot of patience. While you should certainly never put up with abusive behavior from clients or colleagues, you will likely have to work with couples that might be indecisive about what color scheme they want, or what type of wedding cake. They might also get frustrated with one another, which means they might be short with you. Planning a wedding can be a lot of pressure, so while you need to set professional boundaries and never put up with terrible behavior, be prepared to navigate difficult situations with stressed-out couples.

    If you want to try a career as a wedding planner, think about the points above and see if you think you have what it takes to be successful at it.

    Main Photo by Alena Koval.


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