What Can a Chiropractor Do For You?

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    Chiropractic care is a pseudoscience and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) that was founded by D. D. Palmer in the 1890s. Since then, it has received a lot of criticism over the years from many professionals in the field of medicine and the healthcare industry. However, as fate would have it, the discipline has survived its harsh scrutiny over the years and withstood the test of time. Today many professionals and hospitals across the world have come to recognize its immense ability to help solve issues and concerns relating to the musculoskeletal system. Plus, it has gained much more legitimacy and greater acceptance among conventional physicians in the United States in recent decades. The chiropractic care system is also well established in Australia, Canada, and other world regions. 

    According to the American Chiropractic Association, there are over 70,000 professionals working in the United States with state licenses and 3,000 chiropractors who are deployed in academic and management roles. Furthermore, approximately 10,000 chiropractic students in 18 nationally accredited graduate programs, with around 2,500 practitioners entering the workforce every year. An estimated 40,000 chiropractic assistants are in the business management and clinical roles across the US.

    In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at how a chiropractor can help you with your wellbeing concerns:

    Back Pain Treatment

    Downright the forte of all chiropractors as their basis of study involves spinal adjustments. Back pain troubles are where chiropractors actually excel and are considered unrivaled. The most basic form of treatment involves physical maneuvers such as gently applying pressure, methodical repositioning of the head, shoulder, neck, and hip areas to alleviate back pain. Other conventional methods include the application of heat and ice along with massage. Other more traditional techniques are also applied by chiropractors such as muscle relaxation exercises and stimulation. 

    Remedy for Whiplash 

    Another area where chiropractic care can be quite prolific is when patients require treatment for whiplash. Car accident pain management may include other bruises and muscle tears in the body as well, which can depend on the severity of the incident. However, as far as whiplashes go, your choice of injury doctor could very well be a chiropractor. Whiplash can be a bane for someone’s life if they have gone through a rear-ended car accident. The pain can be at chronic levels, and professional chiropractors can help you manage your pains exceedingly well. Diagnosis may involve a complete check along with the doctor examining your spine as well and not just your neck region. Your professional will identify restrictions in movements of joints as well as muscle spasms and ligament injury, if any. They may very well use palpation diagnostic techniques that involve touching the affected area. Modern practitioners may even ask you to get an x-ray or undergo an MRI scan as per their deductions. Treatments, in the end, will involve manipulations and therapies as well as massages.

    Migraines and Headaches  

    Now, this may come as a surprise to many, but yes, chiropractors can help you sort out migraine troubles. A popular case study regarding the treatment of migraine and headache problems with their remedy using the Gonstead Method from a Certified Spinal Manual Therapist (CSMT) is also published on the US National Library of Medicine. Since chiropractors are neuromuscular specialists, they can help you out with a variety of headaches as well as migraines. During a migraine, the cranial blood vessels expand and, as opposed to a regular headache, where the same blood vessels narrow. The expansion of blood vessels is called vasodilation, and the narrowing of them is known as vasoconstriction. Some migraines can be extremely painful and can even cause patients to throw up and report trouble having with their vision. Chiropractors perform a careful and accurate diagnosis and find out if your neck and spinal region are involved in causing the symptoms. While the medical sciences to this day are perplexed to resolve migraines, there is no doubt that through chiropractic care, one can gain relative control over their frequency and manage pain and reduce their durations. 

    Sports Related Injuries

    Chiropractic care can also help you resolve common sports-related injuries such as muscle sprains and strains. However, for more severe injuries like bone fractures, you would be required to seek help from other professionals who especially deal with such casualties. In its most basic application, chiropractic care can help you reduce pain and find relief from any discomfort associated with a minor injury. Chiropractors are masters of body adjustments, and they can help you reduce joint inflammation that can usually occur when playing contact sports. They can even help you reform joint movement troubles and stiffness in your body parts and muscles. Plus, under their guidance, you can lower the risk of future incidents as they can make your backbone less prone to injuries.

    Getting a Hold on Your Diet

    Your stomach is perhaps the biggest reason for ailments as this where all the food goes, and unhealthy practices make your stomach the starting point of the majority of wellbeing issues. That is why you will find doctors saying that the kitchen is your first place of aid since eating a healthy diet can help you reduce the chances of getting sick and avoiding long term problems. As such, chiropractic care can also help you align your diet goals since our diet can adversely affect the rest of our body since a lot of the time. A healthy diet also makes you more receptive to chiropractic treatment. This is why you will find that many chiropractors would request you to have a reasonable amount of fiber within your diet. They can ask you to eat apples, avocados, broccoli, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes at times to cleanse your bowels and make them work less frantically. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are nature’s gift for you. Inorganic food, especially processed meat and other saturated fats, is silently poisoning and killing us from the inside. A chiropractor can help you get the confidence to take your life by the steering wheel and get your diet under control.

    Lifestyle Changes

    In this era of information technology, most urban populations quickly adapt to a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of going out to play or having an active lifestyle, young kids and the youth are more interested in their smart devices, binge-watching popular TV shows, playing video games, or streaming media online. This lack of physical activity is slowly deteriorating our health and hurting us, especially our bone health. Even those who go to work in an office are sitting most of their day in a cubicle, punching away keystrokes on their laptops or desktop systems. Chiropractors can help you take the reins and pull yourself together by initiating an active lifestyle where plenty of exercises detoxify your body and keep you healthy and fit. 


    I hope this post was able to offer you some meaningful insights as to how chiropractors can help you in certain conditions and situations. If you have any more questions regarding the topic, please feel free to share your queries in the comment section below. Until next time eat as much healthy, fresh, and organic food as possible. Shun the sedentary lifestyle that is quickly making us lose the sense of who we truly are, and spread the positive word about active lifestyle as it can truly make us feel the difference that we need right now the most. CHEERS!    


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