What Are The Best Promotional Strategies According To The Experts?

    When you start a business or your own setup, there are a million things that need your attention. Once you establish it properly, the only thing that remains of importance then is how to market your business because, without a good marketing strategy, you can face a major downfall in no time. 

    A good marketing strategy includes methods that are not only diverse but also advanced and proven to be highly effective. There are a number of ways through which you can market your business or product/service, some of which we will cover in this article.  

    Social media

    In this highly digitalized age in which the world is densely connected through social media platforms, there can be no other effective way to market your product than these famous platforms. 

    This is a type of direct marketing where your business or product directly reaches the targeted market without any middleman involved. It is not only easy but it has the potential of creating a massive customer market.

    Promotional giveaways

    If you want to lure customers and expand your target market, then promotional giveaways are the way to go to market your business or product. You can either attach a free gift with the product that you want to market or you can give free samples of the product. 

    For free giveaways,  you can use pens, promotional drawstring bags, mugs, etc. all these things not only entice new customers but also help in training your old customers for a long time. 

    Personal selling

    To create long-lasting relationships with your customers and clients, the method of marketing that goes a long way is personal selling. In this method, the marketing is done by approaching potential customers directly through phone, mail, or in-person.  

    Referral marketing 

    People buy new products or services in a heartbeat when recommended by someone else. So, recommendations do a wondrous job in marketing your product or service. 

    This type of marketing is done in two ways; either through word of mouth or referral programs. Your role as a marketer of your business comes into play in the latter type of marketing. 

    Through a referral program, you can have your existing customers refer your business to others, thereby increasing organic word of mouth. 

    Point of sale

    Another way of marketing your product is by having it placed on the checkout of the grocery stores. This type of marketing works for such products that can be placed near the checkout, so it does not fit for all. 

    End-Cap Marketing

    In this marketing method, the product is placed towards the end of the aisle which makes it stand out among the rest of its competitors. This positioning also provides easy access to customers which means your products will be exposed all the time, increasing the chances of its sale by ten folds.

    Although we have defined six promotional marketing methods, there are many more that provide room to craft a marketing strategy according to the type of your business.


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