Wednesday Wisdom: 7 Motivational Quotes From Sports Legends

    Need an extra boost to get you going today? You’re in luck! We’ve searched your social media channels and compiled 7 of our favorite get-off-your-ass and get going quotes from some of the greatest athletes of all time:

    1 . You can’t be scared to take chances. Fear not! Your mind is your biggest power.


    2. Don’t ever limit yourself!


    3. Stay hungry and keep your plate full. Keep asking life for more!


    4.  Be confident in being you! Don’t let anyone make you feel like that is not good enough.


    5. Don’t quit. A champion lives inside you.


    6. Don’t let the roadblocks detour you from your dreams.


    7. Set goals and go after them. Chase your dreams!



    Now go out there and take on the day!!


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