Wearable Technology Solution for Miscommunication in Chaotic Environments

    There has been a company, literally and figuratively, flying under most everyone’s radar! But this is no surprise given the company name: Stealth Performance Communication. Most approach from the ground up. This brilliantly adaptive and innovative startup has redefined the market approach in some very rewarding ways! Much like a “stealth bomber”, SPC has came in undetected and completely changed the sports industry and targeting several other verticals including military/ police sectors, medical fields and even space travel.


    SPC is a wearable technology created to eliminate miscommunication in chaotic environments. This is critical in hazardous situations such as war zones, high performance scenarios such as the Super Bowl, and even in the emergency rooms or EMT crews.

    Currently They are finalizing hardware development in order to start to collect team data for sports and various other forms of data for efficiency of medical and military markets. Testing scenarios with medical company, private security and potentially special forces through their Lieutenant General connection are ready to be utilized once series-A funding round is complete. As well as, several football and baseball teams at various levels of play. This will save millions of dollars for investors by skipping lab testing and directly develop based off  of real world data through strategic partnerships.

    Series A Funding Is Happening Now:

    SPC is raising $750K USD to expand on their tremendous progress over the last 6 months. For more information about this round, product, team, or other business model questions please contact the founders mentioned below in this article.

    SPC For Sports:       

    Imagine every QB & MLB in the NFL having the ability to run their offense like Peyton Manning, or having their defense being directed by such a star player as Ray Lewis? Stealth Performance Communication is bringing this type of innovation to the game. Their proprietary technology is unlike anything on the market. With simple, user-friendly interface that provides individuals with the ability to carry out complex game strategies; while directly eliminating miscommunication and ability for opposing team to intercept vital game information.

    At Stealth Performance Communication, they eliminate miscommunication in chaotic environments. While, Simultaneously, accelerating the learning curve between levels of play, and igniting “Fan Experience” through the clever use of wearable technology.

    STEALTH PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATION is The premier wearable technology device, designed to enhance game play & user experience. Most recently, HYPE Global Sport Innovation named Stealth Performance Communication ” Top 50 most innovative sport technology companies in the world.”
    SPC passionately BELIEVES in innovation by SYNERGIZING the realm of technology, to the world of sports.Astonishingly, they accomplish all of this with a user-friendly system that is  protected by military grade encryption and most importantly, maintaining traditional play, increasing competitiveness, and substantial impact on marketability of “team assets”….. THE PLAYERS! This ultimately means greater revenues for the team, and (when properly orchestrated) more WINS! With the current communication issues in sports, Stealth Performance Communication is your solution in the technology revolution.

    Military/Security sectors: 

    Value proposition of $2.1B USD for DoD alone.

    CEO Jordon Kestner CSCS: Creator & President of Stealth Performance Communication. Degree in Exercise Science with an obsessive passion for innovation. (Army veteran and world visionary.) Owner of WarriorWithinAthletics.com  and StealthPerformanceCommunication.com

    COO Mark Washington: Founder, NFL Veteran( Middle Linebacker for San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, and Minnesota Vikings) Since his time in the NFL, Mark has successfully transitioned into the competitive business world located in and around Silicon Valley with a unique capability for leadership.

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