Vaping as New Urban Fashion Statement

    For many years, media has used smoking as a sign of coolness, style, and attractiveness. I bet you have seen at least a few movies where a man of power puffed on his cigar or a femme fatale smoked a cigarette.

    Tobacco products were always pictured as something positive not only on screen but also in printed media. We usually see beautiful and successful people who enjoy their life along with a cigarette on adverts. But times are changing, and vaping is a new hot trend.

    Why have things changed?

    Now we don’t see that much smoking on screen. And that’s why. A deep research on the effects of smoking has found that it is extremely harmful. The chemicals released by a burned tobacco present various threats to human health as they affect all the organs in your body.

    Today we can often spot someone with a vape mod –check this out. A healthy way of life is becoming more and more popular both with the old and the young. People have become more health-conscious. Many have chosen to stop smoking or are trying to do it. Vaping wouldn’t be so popular in those times when people didn’t know that tobacco could cause cancer.  

    Vape mod kits are actively promoted as a healthier alternative to cigarettes and effective tools to quit. The fact that vaping is 95% less dangerous than cigarettes is scientifically proven by Public Health England.

    Vaping in the Media

    We can still see men and women smoking on screen. But we can’t deny that this practice is in decline. Directors are increasingly choosing to feature the best vape mod in a movie or music video in order to attract more attention.  

    Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes ever to involve an e-cigarette is Johnny Depp vaping in “The Tourist”. It created a stir back in 2010. At that time the decision was quite forward-thinking. Other actors who vaped in movies were Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards”, John Cusack in “Drive Hard”, Zac Efron in “Dirty Grandpa”, and Dennis Quaid in “Beneath the Darkness”.

    Electronic smoking gadgets are also shown in some music video. In 2013, Lily Allen faced criticism for featuring an e-cig in “Hard Out There”. Today, it is a usual thing to puff on camera. Dj Khaled carries out a master class in “I’m the One” and “Do You Mind”.

    Vaping in Life

    Stars are promoting a new way of smoking not only on screen. Many celebrities were caught vaping on camera. This contributed to the promotion of electronic smoking devices.

    Katherine Heigl was the first actress to puff on an electronic cigarette on TV. She vaped and discussed the benefits of her new hobby with David Letterman on “The Late Show”. Heigl said that she was trying to quit smoking after multiple attempts. The e-cigarette gave her the feeling of smoking while keeping away from harm.

    Other female stars who appreciated the benefits of e-cigs are Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Courtney Love, and others.  

    As for the actors, Leonardo DiCaprio made vaping seem somewhat cool. At a time when most Hollywood smokers were just switching to cig-a-like devices, DiCaprio was already inseparable with his vape pan. He even vaped at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013.

    Then other celebrities followed suit. Charlie Sheen, Robert Pattinson, Jack Nicholson, just to name a few.

    E-cig as a Trendy Accessorize

    Early vape market offered a very modest choice of smoking devices. Nowadays, the choice is so rich that you can truly make it your own. Vapor gadgets have various forms: cig-a-likes, pen-style devices, vape mods, and more.

    Basic parts of all devices are similar. But the technical characteristics may vary. You can choose a product to your needs.  

    E-cigs may have a refined design. There are a myriad of options when it comes to accessories. This allows truly making an item your own.

    Those who are used to luxury and want to have a unique electronic device make personal orders. Want to know what is the most expensive vape mod?

    One Russian billionaire bought his girlfriend a customized e-cigarette that was covered in 246 two-carat diamonds. The glass used in the design is Italian and hand-blown. The price was as impressive as the design – £550,000.

    A competitive sport?

    Vaping competitions are a new trend among younger vape enthusiasts. Contestants perform unbelievable tricks with vapor.

    People buy the biggest tanks, the flavors that produce the largest clouds of vapor and spend hours learning new tricks. There are a lot of photos and videos on social nets where they demonstrate their skills. Social media makes vaping more stylish than smoking ever was.

    Vape Clothing

    Vape culture is new but it is rapidly evolving. The community has its own events, tricks, tips, and even clothes. The branded shirts are garments vapers commonly choose. The shirts can have an edgy logo, a funny statement like “Darth Vaper”, or an inspirational quote like “Wake. Vape. Hustle. Repeat.” Putting on the merchandise of a brand you like is a nice way to support it while expressing your own individual style.

    Urban streetwear trends inspired the designers of vape clothing. Hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and baseball caps fall under the category of streetwear.

    These modern looks will set you at the cutting edge of style. It’s a combination of high fashion and hip-hop. The items are unique, qualitative, and affordable. You can look cool and effortless and the same time.

    Although an e-cigarette is a healthier alternative to a traditional cigarette, it is still seen by many people as “edgy.” That’s why vape trends are considered a part of the streetwear look.

    Still in doubt whether or not you want to try vaping? Well, chances are high that the trend won’t be fading in the near future. You have opportunities to do a research, make inquiries, and find the best e-cig.

    About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the blogger and PR manager of the biggest US quitting smoking community. Currently, she blogs about vaping as the smoking alternative.

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