Utilizing Network Discovery Software

    In 2018, modern corporate networks have become more dynamic than previous generations. This makes it harder for network admins and sysadmins to decide what’s connected on their network.

    Devices can connect and disconnect from each other, usually in workplaces with Bring Your Device Policy where employees can connect their personal devices such as cell phones and laptops.

    What is Network Discovery?

    Network Discovery is defined as a process where both networks and computers can find each other. It enables one network to work on a local network and use it to communicate and connect with other devices.

    A device with network discovery software can toggle their network status on or off. Once the device is turned off, it can’t connect or be seen with additional devices. When the device is fully turned on, it can be seen by other devices and can transfer data requests.

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Simply delivering information is good, but it’s not great. Imagine the effectiveness of your organization if each vulnerability is detected and then displayed with the right recommendation advice as to what patch will resolve the security issue.

    A good practice is to use your network discovery software to detect the risk, inform your patch management to use the recommended patch, and then kick off a new scan to verifies that everything is fixed.

    Network Segmentation

    Network Segmentation leads to good security hygiene because it segregates the internal networks from each other. If the network is accessed illegally, network segmentation can keep the attacks from attacking other areas in your network. By limiting their access to one area, it reduces the amount of damage they can cause to your network.

    The benefits of this seem obvious, and most large organizations that have planned infrastructure will have integrated segmentation when it’s installed. Still, most user organizations – both industrial and commercial, have an unsegmented or a “flat” network.

    Assuming that your company’s security measures aren’t strong enough these days, as your biggest threat can be someone that’s connected to your network.

    We suggest that you segment as many devices as needed. While placing security measures such as firewalls can be can be an expensive effort, you’ll receive the long-term benefit of improved security. Make sure to use network discovery software to prevent long your company’s products from getting stolen.

    Continuous Monitoring

    At some point, a network administrator will have to create an audit of all of the connected devices. Logging and tracking devices are necessary for proper configuration management, security, and capacity planning.

    You’ll need a tool to make sure you have efficient logging devices that are connected to your network. It can be quite a shock to see what’s on your network. With network discovery software, you can keep these devices monitored and remove applications if they show signs of illegal activity.


    Network discovery software has helped with the growth of modern companies. It can help with finding everything that’s in your network, how they’re connected, and create reports for detailed planning purposes. So, try using it to ensure that your   internal and external information is protected.


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