Upgrading Your Company’s Office Space – What You Should Know

    Office space is something that deserves thought. It needs to be functional, large enough to accommodate your staff, conveniently located, and it needs to be a welcoming environment. That’s a lot to be mindful of and even if you managed to tick off all those boxes in the beginning, over time the space starts to look tired and old. If your company’s office space needs an upgrade or makeover, here are some things you should know.

    A Fresh Paint Job Can Go a Long Way

    If you want impact and you want the space to feel fresh and modern, then paint is your best option. A new color palette will change the way the space feels and even the look of all the existing furniture, décor and features. There are no rules when it comes to what paint color is best but, having said that, designers tend to suggest a handful of pleasing colors are ideal for office spaces, such as:

    • Gray
    • Light blue
    • Pale purple
    • Blue-gray
    • Off-white
    • Teal
    • Pastel yellow
    • Light green

    You’ll see there is a pattern with these colors in that they are light and airy. They will help to make the space feel open and bright, make the space feel comfortable and can even help employees with concentration and focus.

    Upgrade to High-Speed Internet

    This is also the perfect time to assess the current internet provider and look into high-speed internet services if you don’t currently have them. In today’s digitally dependent landscape, businesses simply can’t function without high-speed internet. This internet service in Winfield, MO offers a high-speed fiber optic network, which equates to speed and reliability. Your business can’t afford downtime because of internet issues.

    Ergonomic Furniture Is More Than Just Comfortable

    Then there is the office furniture, which doesn’t take long to show wear and tear. You want your employees to have enough space to work and be comfortable doing so. This means investing in ergonomic furniture, which promotes proper posture. When your employees are comfortable, they’ll find it easier to focus on their work.

    Is It Time to Change the Layout?

    It may also be time to change the layout of the office space. If you’re going to invest in new furniture, don’t feel as though it has to go back into the same space with the same configurations. Maybe there is a better layout that makes more sense in terms of where each department is located.

    The Ultimate Breakroom Will Be a Huge Hit

    Want to make a huge and positive impression on your employees? It’s simple: create the ultimate breakroom that shows just how appreciated they are. This means tables and chairs for eating, comfortable couches for relaxing, a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, refrigerator, television, water cooler and any other touches you want to add.

    The great thing about each of these tips is that they will help to make the office space more modern and fresh looking, but each one also encourages increased productivity.

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