Unleash Construction Excellence with Ground Plans Innovative Builders Takeoff Solution

    Time is of the essence in the competitive landscape of construction. Time spent on calculations and estimates manually is time lost on the project. Furthermore, wasted time translates directly into a delayed construction project and an overrun budget. Fortunately, technology innovations aim to change the way builders work on their projects. Introducing, Streamline Your Processes with Builders Takeoff: Groundplan , a revolutionary solution for builders takeoff that makes the process effortless, removes inaccuracies, and takes efficiency to a new level.

    1. Accurate Material Estimation with Ground Plan

    Material assessment is a critical feature for successful implementation of any construction project. A slight compensation mistake may be the source of expensive overruns or unfortunate yet likewise costly material absences that lead to delays. Ground elevates professionals’ capacities with sophisticated measurements that accurately measure lengths, enumerate singles, and compute surfaces, leaving nothing to chance.

    2. Minimising Waste, Maximising Profits with Ground Plan

    Groundplan also allows for an accurate list of building materials to create with each construction, making sure no materials go to waste. Therefore, professionals’ construction work continues to damage the environment and eats into their profits. The compiled conservation approach a user can have provides a chance to redefine their data visualisation prototype to stand out in the market.

    3. Work from Anywhere, Anytime with Ground Plan

    Mobility and remote collaboration is a necessity in the fast-paced construction of today. Groundplan recognizes this, and thus, uses a cloud-based platform, which helps professionals access their projects, plans, and takeoff estimates from any device no matter their location. As a result, whether one works on-site or from a remote location, teams can easily communicate and coordinate as changes are frequently updated.

    4. Hassle-Free Updates and Support with Ground Plan

    Finally, do not worry about the software installation and regular updates. As a cloud-based solution, Ground Plan requires no complicated installation processes and updates to allow you free and unrestricted access to its various features and improvements. Moreover, Ground Plan is convenient to use thanks to effective support: enjoy free one-on-one training and live chat to make the transition simple and the collaboration effective from the first day. Ground Plan has a dedicated support team of industry professionals who know precisely the issues constriction people commonly experience, offering you personalised recommendations and solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

    5. Ground Plan – Empowering Businesses Worldwide

    More than 2,000 businesses in ten countries already trust Groundplan, and this number is constantly growing. In the construction business, all trades, large and small, have digitised their processes with their cloud-based takeoff software to increase their operational efficiency and competitiveness. Over the years, it has become apparent that concrete, small contractors and large construction companies have achieved faster and more convenient material quantity estimations, waste minimization, instant collaboration on the project – the reasons are many, and the results speak for themselves. The wide range of customers the company engaged reflects the user-friendly experience, a rich set of features, and the ambitious challenges their tool benefits – those who bet on the constant change that the construction industry undergoes.


    The construction industry is advancing far too rapidly to continue doing the same things in the same way. Groundplan is a game-changer – unlike many builders takeoff software in the market, Ground Plan has an intuitive user interface, state-of-the-art measurement and scaling tools, coordination and sharing capabilities, and is updated regularly.

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