Unfold the Power of Instagram Tools for Real Success

    Instagram tools can go a long way in making your Instagram marketing strategy a real success. Of course, you need to do all the hard work to make it work for you, but you can still simplify and automate many processes to help you with Instagram marketing.

    Most of the times, you can hope to get good results when your content works fine and gets you new Instagram likes. For likes, you can also decide to buy from reputable companies, but be sure to go for a free trial Instagram likes before going any further. However, you will still benefit a lot by taking advantage of some powerful Instagram tools, such as the following:

    Unfold – Tool for Multi-Page Story

    Unfold is a free designing app available for iOS users. This app helps you in creating Instagram stories consisting of multiple pages and upload these pages in a single Instagram story.

    Unfold offers a wide range of stylized templates that can be edited with the help of various options available in the app. This app is ideal for creating eye-catching Instagram stories related to lifestyle, fashion, and travel niches.

    • Download the free app from play store to start your journey.
    • Tap on the plus symbol to open and create a new story.
    • Add a title for your story to keep your created stories organized.
    • Now select the layout for your story by tapping on it. Various layouts are available at the bottom of the screen and you can choose the one suitable for your content. For instance, you can opt for a single image layout or a collage one depending on the number of images you want to upload.
    • Tap on the plus symbol on the template to add your image(s). You can take a photo directly from the app or upload the saved one from your phone gallery.
    • Arrange the images by dragging them on the screen.
    • Tap the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen to add another page to your story.
    • Again select the layout for your second age. It could be the same as the first one or you can opt for a different template.
    • Add images or text as the first template.
    • Repeat the process for adding multiple pages.
    • Besides image templates Unfold also offer text templates that are available with horizontal lines.
    • Once you are done with editing all your pages tap on the download arrow at the top right corner to save it in your phone.

    You can upload your saved story on Instagram manually whenever you want.

    Quik – Tool for Video Story

    Quik is a free app created by GoPro. It is available for iOS and Android users to create and upload video stories on Instagram. You can not only edit your pre-captured videos with the help of this app but you can also turn your photos into a video story.

    Quik doesn’t offer many options for customizing your content as it has its own pre-set transitions, graphics and soundtrack to choose from. It also optimizes your video story for vertical display.

    • Download the app on your phone to get started.
    • Tap on the plus symbol to upload a video from your gallery or add 5 or more images to create a video story.
    • Arrange the photos in your desired sequence for the video or slideshow.
    • Now select the ‘Add’ option from the top right corner to create a video.
    • Add the tile of your video on the opening slide. Here you can customize your text.
    • Quik offers multiple templates to choose from for your opening slide. Select the one that goes well with the theme of your story.
    • Once you are done with editing your title slide tap on save button.
    • For creating a video from photos it’s better to change the orientation of the images to portrait. To change the orientation tap on the spanner icon.
    • Tap on the ‘Format’ option from the menu. Then select ‘Portrait’ from the next menu. Click ‘Ok’ when you are done.
    • Quik automatically adds music to your videos. You can change the track of the song or opt for no music for your video.
    • Select the music note icon to change the soundtrack. You can select the one that is closer to the theme of your story from the available tracks.

    Your Instagram story is ready. Save the story and upload on Instagram.


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