Understanding the Incredible Diversity of CBD Powder

    Why do you use CBD?

    Research shows that 40% of CBD users take the product to help with chronic pain. However, CBD can help with a wide variety of problems, ranging from anxiety to acne!

    If you’re looking to take your CBD experience to the next level, you need to learn about CBD powder. Now, instead of relying on pre-made CBD products, you can customize products to fit your exact needs. Homemade CBD chocolates, lotions, and more are all possible using CBD powder.

    Read on to find out how to use CBD powder.

    How to Use CBD Powder

    To learn how to use CBD powder, it helps if you understand what CBD powder is exactly. Other names for CBD powder include CBD isolate and pure CBD isolate. All of these names are referring to the same CBD product that comes in a powder form.

    CBD isolate is a powder that contains almost pure CBD. One of the reasons CBD powder is so pure is because of the production process. After removing all of the impurities, what’s left is a CBD crystal or a delicate CBD powder that resembles flour.

    We say that the powder is almost pure since certain CBD isolates will contain a trace amount of THC. However, the amount is so low that it’s completely legal, and you won’t need a medical marijuana card to use CBD powder products.

    Using CBD in a crystallized form makes gives you more consumption options than CBD oils do.

    Put It Under Your Tongue

    There’s a lot of creative ways we’re going to review consuming CBD powder. Although it’s worth noting that you don’t have to be fancy about the ways you consume CBD. Instead, you can stick to taking your CBD sublingually.

    Sublingual means you’re putting the powder under your tongue. You’ll want to hold the pre-measured dose under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. One of the benefits of taking CBD sublingually is that it will absorb into your bloodstream faster.

    When you add CBD powder to food, it’s not likely you’ll taste anything. Although, putting CBD directly under your tongue might cause you to taste a slight cherry flavor.

    Cooking With CBD Powder

    Have you ever seen a CBD infused food or treat? Like CBD infused gummy bears or tasty sauces that have CBD in them? Instead of having to settle for the CBD infused products on the market, you can now start to make your own!

    Here’s a short list of foods we suggest infusing with CBD:

    • Homemade sauces
    • Honey
    • Icing
    • Melted chocolate
    • Butter

    CBD powder is perfect for creating your own infused masterpieces in the kitchen. However, to do so successfully, you’ll want to learn the double boiling method.

    The double boiling method works perfectly for all of the food items on our list above. It’s a way to gently boil your dish using controlled heat.

    Double Boiling Method for CBD

    First, you’ll need to create a double boiler, and it’s very easy to do. Start by getting 2 pots for boiling, one needs to be larger than the other. Next, follow these steps:

    1. Fill the larger pot up with water
    2. Place the second pot in the large pot filled with water
    3. The second pot needs to sit above the water, not in it
    4. Begin to slowly heat your double boiler

    Once the water begins to come to a gentle boil, you can check your recipe, and add the ingredients, including the CBD isolate, to the smaller pot. By creating a double boiler you’ll be able to avoid burning off the CBD isolate you want to consume.

    CBD Food Ideas That Don’t Require Cooking

    If cooking up your CBD isolate in the kitchen isn’t something you have time for, no worries! YOu can also add your CBD powder to different foods and drinks, without doing any cooking at all. Here’s a short list of things you can add your CBD powder to:

    • Smoothies
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Soup
    • Salad

    You can add CBD to almost any meal or drink you’re about to enjoy. To make adding the isolate to your water easier, check out Bulk Water Soluble CBD Powder. You can also make things easier for yourself by pre-measuring the CBD dose you’ll need before you need it.

    Now, the next time you want to add CBD to your coffee in the morning, you won’t have to take any extra steps, or even think about it. You’ll simply grab the pre-measured CBD dose, stir it in your coffee, and start sipping!

    Since CBD isolate doesn’t have a taste or odor, you won’t taste a thing. However, your body will still be able to enjoy all of the wonderful health benefits CBD brings to the table.

    Make a CBD Lotion

    CBD is great for treating skin problems like acne, dryness, psoriasis, wrinkles, and even eczema. You can also use a CBD topical to help provide relief for sore muscles or joints.

    Are you dealing with chronic pain or muscle inflammation? CBD topicals can help with that too!

    Here’s a shortlist of different types of CBD topicals you can make:

    • Lotion
    • Salve
    • Balm

    First, you’ll need to decide what topical you want to make. Next, gather up all of the ingredients the recipe calls for. You can also add essential oils to boost the healing power of your topical.

    Finally, once you have everything you need, you can use the double boiler method we reviewed earlier. Using a controlled heat, you’ll be able to mix all of the ingredients together. When you’re done making the topical, you’ll need an airtight container to store it in.

    Enjoy the Power of the Powder

    Now you know how to use CBD powder in a variety of ways! What consumption method are you going to try first?

    Will you be going the fast and easy route, taking your CBD isolate sublingually? Or are you ready to start whipping up a tasty CBD infused meal? Whatever one you choose, then don’t delay in giving CBD a chance, your body will be glad you did!

    Are you ready to find more tips to help you feel your best? Go ahead and read another one of our articles.


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