Ultimate Guide for planning a road trip in Paris

    Paris is nothing short of mesmerizing, and visiting its tourist attractions should be a better portion of your trip. But surely, the wanderlusts and the road-trip enthusiasts would be having different thoughts, regarding their stay in Paris. For those of you itching to go wandering off into unknown roads and chance upon gorgeous scenery, stunning palaces, and picturesque vistas, here is the ultimate guide for planning a road trip in Paris! 

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    So, now that’s settled, let’s move ahead with five of the best road trips Paris has to offer! Get planning!

    5 Best Road Trips to enjoy in Paris

    It always helps to have a mental image of where you wish to go, and what you want to do when planning a trip to and around unknown territories. For the same reasons, this guide curates the five best road trips in Paris to add glamor to your trip! 

    Château de Maintenon

    From Paris: At a distance of 86 kilometers towards west  

    Driving time: 1.5 hours 

    Of course, visiting Versailles should be in your bucket list, but do add this castle, as well. Chateau de Maintenon has a soft spot in the heart of every Parisian as it has a glorious past. The castle has a history that traces back to the 1200s, and it was the private estate of Madame de Maintenon, the secret second wife of King Louis XIV. Enjoy this offbeat day trip without the horrors of having to stand in long queues! 

    Pro tip: You could stop at the town of Rambouillet, which showcases another chateau that once hosted power players, such as Napoléon.


    From Paris: At a distance of 91 kilometers towards the southeast 

    Driving time: 1.25 hours

    Provins is the ideal place for time-traveling into the medieval ages when the country was mere buffalos and loincloths. Massive fortifications and hidden caverns dot the village, which is divided into Upper Town and Lower Town. You have got impressive things to explore here, and incidentally, UNESCO identified it as a Heritage Site in 2001. There is no way you can refuse a visit!

    Pro tip: If you are visiting in December, during the Medieval Christmas Market, then charm alert! It’s no ordinary traditional holiday market experience. You can even pick up a few trinkets to put under the tree. 


    From Paris: At a distance of 133 kilometers towards the south

    Driving time: 1.5 hours

    Joan of Arc, who made Orléans famous when she lived, had ruined the English here in 1429. The war between the English and the French might be over, but to this day, the town is very much relevant. There are plenty of old buildings and streets to wander along, apart from an impressive cathedral and charming museums. Catch some fresh air while strolling along the banks of the Loire River. A day would be enough to complete your tour here, but it’s a much-needed change of scenery from the usual hustle and bustle of the Parisian quartiers!

    Pro tip: You will find the gastronomic experience more affordable at Le Lièvre Gourmand than the Parisian tables, but it is just as good. 

    Le Mans

    From Paris: At a distance of 208 kilometers towards the southwest

    Driving time: 2 hours

    The town is best known for its 24-hour car race, with its fair share in the annual spike in carbon emissions. Le Mans houses a variety of architectural edifices and a beautiful cathedral. The city, once called Le Plantagenet, amalgams Roman, medieval, and Renaissance structures.

    Pro tip: If you don’t want to miss the spectacular light shows Le Mans puts on its historical buildings, then consider visiting on one of the nights in July or August.


    From Paris: 90 kilometers towards the west

    Driving time: 1.25 hours

    Chartres is famous for its cathedral dominating the skyline, which you can see from quite far away. It’s one of the thousands of churches in France, but it’s also one of the most stunning. What makes the cathedral stand out from the herd is its two different spires and the stained glass windows, dating back to 1200s. Additionally, it survived the bombings during World War II when an American colonel revealed that the Church wasn’t being used by the Germans, by going behind enemy lines. 

    Pro tip: If you are visiting in any month from April to October, then do stay out at night to check out the illumination on the cathedral and the buildings in the town. Expect the unexpected!

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