Try These Post Production Processes and Services Offered by The Catalyst Companies

    Looking to bring your story to life? The Catalyst Companies can make that a reality. The Catalyst Companies crafts the perfect experience to shoot the best video with the best quality and lighting. Overall, you are sure to get the very best from the services offered. You will be able to tell your story in the unique, engaging, and memorable way possible using the services available.

    In 15 years, The Catalyst Companies has acquired a team of designers, editors, and animators who work tirelessly and effortlessly to transform your brilliant concepts into amazing functional realities. Your video shoots and events will look more alive than ever. The Catalyst Companies is simply the best at what it does and easily ranks top in this competitive industry.

    The services rendered by The Catalyst Companies

    Simply put, The Catalyst Companies, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, is the go-to company to use for your video shoots. It covers a wide array of services that are made available to the clients. All you need to do is ask and let the team do the rest. Some of the commonly used services include:


    • Animation


    This service works to bring the client’s concepts to life with the help of a dedicated team of animators. You get to see, first-hand, the cutting-edge 3D animation features and how it is applied to your concepts. Make your video concepts feel more alive and impact your audience more than you thought possible.


    • Testimonials


    Nothing feels more satisfying and is more effective as having your clients tell your story. A positive review can and will take your work a long way. And so, have a shoot you can successfully capture a live event and manage to put together a raving video shoot that your audience will be talking about for a while. This is the step to use to ensure you successfully energize and prepare your audience enough for the next marketing campaign.


    • Live and studio video capturing


    The Catalyst Companies captures and shoots your videos how you want it. Whether it is in the studio or live in front of an audience, you will still be able to wow your audience with high-quality products. You can have your video shot in any location and still manage to make it look stunning and state-of-the-art. The result depends wholly on where and how you want to deliver your video message.


    • Product videos


    Everything about The Catalyst Companies screams perfection. The team works to make your event product and or process as irresistible as possible. The company specializes in producing top-notch videos for all its clients and leaves the customers wanting more. And your video will provide a great storyline and visually captivating content.


    • Documentaries


    With over 15 years of experience in the field, The Catalyst Companies knows best to tell where there is a great idea behind an excellent story. Documentaries will work to let the audience understand and see more clearly what your video is all about. The Catalyst Companies team works tirelessly to ensure your behind-the-scenes content is as remarkable as your primary shoot. A great story will be captured, and a clearer picture of the story can also be shot in the process as a documentary. The Catalyst Companies is the master of this craft. You can even bring your story throughout the entire video shoot to life and let your audience know more about you or your event.


    • Educational videos


    You can also request for training videos and shoots for your events. These videos don’t have to be boring. And, with some extra work and creativity put into the mix, be sure to have the best educational videos and event videos. You can now deliver a fun and positive outcome to your audience without worrying about your video being boring.


    • Writing, scripting, and storyboarding


    Get the most captivating footage and video shoots and awesome pictures that reveal everything about a picture. The Catalyst Companies can connect you with its team of committed and experienced writers who can create an engaging script and storyboard that will make your story feel hypnotic.


    • USB content delivery


    The Catalyst Companies takes note of the ever-changing technology and works to ensure that it delivers all and any content to its clients as securely as possible. The Catalyst Companies then came up with an ingenious way of ensuring its clients’ information reached them securely without the worry of them being “shared.” Using the password secured USB drives which function similar to the DVD medium. You know that your content is always secured and in good hands with The Catalyst Companies.


    • Custom media platforms


    What better way is there other than tapping on a product, purchasing it, and even reusing it at a later date? The world has become more of an instant connection and immediate gratification type. And everyone has to cope with that. Creating a custom media platform that works to deliver the media and other content to clients on their schedules is on top of our list.

    What are the costs of the services rendered by The Catalyst Companies?

    The total costs for the services offered are determined by:

    • The scale of the animation and or graphics
    • The length of the video
    • The video shooting

    The Catalyst Companies works effortlessly to ensure you get the best services at the right price. You can fit the services you want to use into your budget and make the choices that enable you to reach your goal. The company’s costs are set based on the client’s needs and services. The Catalyst Companies aim to help you, the client, to boost the design of your customized video and still manage to fit it into your budget.

    The costs vary in terms of service. Take a look below and find out the types of services you want to use and the prices they come with.

    • TALL<$5K
    • GRANDE<$20K
    • VENTI>$20K

    Contact information

    To connect with The Catalyst Companies, use the addresses below. Get in touch with the best company to organize your next project or event. The customer care desk is open and will get back to you within 24 hours.

    The Catalyst Companies

    4470 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 95173

    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    9:00 – 5:00, Mon – Fri

    Email address: [email protected]


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