Treasures in Notre Dame de Paris

    Notre Dame de Paris, built in 1163, is a representative of the Gothic Churches in the isle of France, with a collection of art treasures from the 13th to the 17th centuries. They are the crystallization of human wisdom, witnessing the progress of human civilization in the passage of time.

    France has not only collected art treasures from all over the world, but also left a large number of immortal works in the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, jewelry, literature, music and other art fields. It is a sacred art palace in people’s hearts men’s stainless steel jewelry. Throughout the world of jewelry, France also has a pivotal position. Many of the top jewelry brands were born in France. 

    In the history of jewelry art, France has left a lot of masterpieces for humanity. In here, jewelry is not only a symbol of rights, wealth and status, but also a crystallization of creative civilization. There is a legendary story behind every piece of antique jewelry. 

    Louis XIV, the Roi Soleil, France became the strongest country in Europe during his reign. The gold-plated brooch, from Louis xiv’s collection, is encrusted with garnet grain on the eagle’s body and 38 rubies on its wing feathers. The flamboyant red and feathered open details allow people to feel the majestic momentum of the eagle across the screen. This brooch also became the representative of the French and Polish monarchy in the jewels of the 17th century jewelry with kids name necklaces engraved. 

    Louis XV was the great-grandson of Louis XIV and was enthroned at the age of 5. His crown is the first crown in France’s history with rare gems. The crown is silver-plated with 282 diamonds, 237 pearls, 64 colored gems including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and citrines. The famous “Regent King Diamond” has also been set in this crown. “Regent King Diamond” is a French national treasure that has experienced rough times since its discovery. It was discovered in 1698 by an Indian slave working in a diamond mine, weighing 410 carats. In 1702, it was cut into a pillow type weighing 140.64 carats. It looks like a shield from the front, which is what we see today. It has been owned by Indian slaves, Indian diamond dealers, British captains, the governor of the United States, the French kings, and the Queen Marie Antoinette. In the French revolution of 1792, the regent diamond was stolen along with other French royal jewels. After about a year, it miraculously appeared in the crack of a roof of a house in Paris. In 1799, Napoleon became the leader of French politics. He made himself a magnificent sword, the “ coronation crown.” It is now the national treasure of the French Fontainebleau Palace, with 42 jewels inlaid on the gold hilt. Napoleon took the Regent King Diamond from Louis XIV ‘s coronation crown and set it on the sword in order to inherit the old system and take the power. On December 2, 1804, Napoleon wore the sword and attended the coronation ceremony at Notre Dame de Paris. In 1796, the 27-year-old Napoleon fell in love with Josephine and abandoned his first love. When he was on the expedition, he wrote a love letter to Josephine every day in the trenches. After ascending the throne, Napoleon created many treasures for Josephine, and specially invited a jeweler to create a feminine crown. The jeweler changed the shape of the closed circle of the crown to the open shape. Queen Josephine was very fond of the ears of wheat, which symbolized fertile land and abundant products It is a pity that Josephine was a womanizing woman and has not been able to bear children. Finally, Napoleon divorced with Josephine. After his divorce from Josephine, Napoleon married the 18-year-old Austrian princess Mary Louise. When she was married, Napoleon gave her an emerald necklace. No woman can resist the charm of jewelry, Louise received a royal jewel at every royal ceremony. Less than a year after they were married, the jeweler made Louise a wheat-eared crown. The gold-silver texture of the wheat-eared crown is made up of 9 wheat ears and is set with an old-cut diamond weighing 66 carats. Queen Josephine’s “wheat ear” dream came true here… Jewelry is closely linked with royalty and power and occupies an important position in the long river of history. It is silent, but represents an era.


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