Traveling to the UK, 5 incredible day trips across the nations

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    The UK is a cultural experience like no other, with a variety of attractions to visit, regardless of the season you choose to travel in. The UK is a beautiful set of countries with a wide range of day trip possibilities. Firstly, make sure when you’re visiting another country, you have the means to receive money from home in cases of emergency – be sure to familiarise yourself with how to send money to the UK so you are prepared if it comes to it.

    1. London

    Visiting the capital of England may be an obvious must-have trip, but it’s also full of hidden treasures. Little Venice spans from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue and is like nothing else you can see in the city. Colorful narrowboats line the canals, and many have been converted into tea-rooms and cafes, so put your feet up, enjoy a pot of English tea and absorb the incredible canal-side views around you. 

    2. Snowdonia National Park, Wales

    With over 800 miles of diverse landscapes and boasting the highest mountain in England and Wales, Snowdonia National Park offers a variety of hiking trails. From gentle inclines to no-rope rock climbing, the mountains present a multitude of scenic views with hotel accommodation available across the reserve. 

    3. Birmingham’s German Market

    The German Market in Birmingham is only available to visit during the winter season, but it is a plethora of cuisines, drinks, and gifts spanning the main streets of Birmingham high street. This experience is best enjoyed in the evening but do be prepared for large crowds – if this concerns you then consider visiting during the day when it’s a bit quieter, but you can still enjoy all the stalls!

    4. Scotland’s National Parks

    Now, being the northern tip of the UK, this country isn’t always on visitors’ lists to see, but if nature and hiking are high on your list, definitely consider making the trip to Scotland. This journey can take just an hour by plane from midlands airports, but the highlands have a variety of hotels and B&B’s to stay in. Only 30 miles out of Inverness, you can visit the Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s largest Loch’s, with stunning views of the surrounding hills. And if you’re lucky, you might just spot the Loch Ness monster!

    5. Liverpool

    This northern city isn’t always at the top of tourist lists, but if you’re looking for a lively and varied night scene, Liverpool is the place for you. With bars hosting circus events, tiny wine tasting locations, and entire clubs dedicated to the Beatles, every night out in Liverpool can be different from the last. The Albert Docks were built in the 19th Century and offer water-side dining and drinking with events being hosted in the Docks throughout the year, so whenever you choose to visit, there will be something in this city to amaze you.  

    Wherever and whenever you choose to visit the UK, enjoy yourself! These nations are full of variety and culture for every type of tourist throughout the year. 


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