Top Toy for Both Playing and Learning The Stomp Rocket

    We all know how much kids love new toys, Stomp Rocket will have your kids over the moon! It’s an amazing toy for any season, especially summer! The rockets are easy to assemble and are fun, educational toys that kids of all ages will love. This is a must-have toy in your kid’s collection.  It comes with a Stompin’ Science book which makes it a top toy for both learning and playing.  They have a full line of toys for young ones to play with while learning about what science has to offer.

    Stomp Rocket Products:

    • Stomp Rocket® Stunt Planes
    • Stomp Rocket® Ultra
    • Stomp Rocket® Extreme Rocket
    • Stomp Rocket® Ultra LED
    • Stomp Rocket® Jr. Glow
    • Stomp Rocket® Dueling

    We received Stunt Planes as a sample as we believe it’s the top toy you can provide your children who like to play, while making learning easy.  It’s great Outdoors and not necessarily the ideal toy for indoor use.  My children who are 8 (a budding scientist) appreciated the workbook, while my 5 year old loved hitting the pedal.  The Stomp rocket is not only is this a fun game but educational as well teaching them about STEM principals. Awesome right!? It can be a great toy for you and your kids to bond.

    Product Description

    • Three different Stunt Planes designed by aeronautical engineers to do a variety of amazing tricks!
    • Change the launch angle, fly with a head wind or tail wind, and more to change how they fly!
    • 100% kid-powered. No batteries and no assembly required.
    • Includes 3 Stunt Planes, Sturdy Launch Stand and Launch Pad with Air Hose.
    • Ages 5-12 (and adults love them, too!)
    • Name 2018 Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine
    • $29.99 available at!

    It was easy to assemble for my kids as it was to go in under two minutes. It does not go as high as you may think, but it’s still fun nevertheless.

    Check out a video review we found on YouTube:

    You can read more about Stomp Rockets here:


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