Top three tips for making money online from an E-Commerce Guru

    Anthony Agyeman, 7-Figure eCommerce Guru, shares his top tips that made him go from hitting rock bottom in prison to a 21-year-old millionaire. He is literally tearing up the eCommerce world, generating over a million dollars in an extremely short period of time, a month! This generation Z tech entrepreneur, raised by a single mother, experienced multiple streams of income online, and ultimately was able to scale his first eCommerce business to over $1,200,000 in only 23 months. He is on a mission to empower other people to do the same with online marketing.

    Here are three tips from this inspiring multimillionaire Entrepreneur:

    • Tip 1: Hire a Mentor. Even if you have the time, don’t go on trial and error trying to figure out how the business work. Invest in mentors to learn the right strategies.  
    • Tip 2: Explore the power of drop shopping, a way of selling to not have to carry any inventory!  Doing so, you will open to unimaginable new type of products! 
    • Tip 3: Be ambitious and move to high ticket sales. The way you sell a low-ticket item is the same way you sell a high-ticket item. A couple small things are different but at the end of the day it’s really all about having a good attractive ad, bring traffic to your website, having a good product and then converting the traffic into sales.

    So, this guy went from making a million dollars per year to a million dollars per month. He has also helped a tremendous amount of people transform their business dream into realities and scale it to numbers they never thought were possible. He is a big believer in living the laptop lifestyle and his online courses are designed specifically to give you everything you need to start your own online business with zero experience despite your background… from ANYWHERE in the world! Anthony Agyeman’s story is truly inspirational and he is one of the top 10 under 30 entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2020.

    To learn more about Anthony Agyeman be sure to follow him on Instagram @onlinemoney


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