Top Remedies For Psoriasis Backed By Scientific Studies


    Psoriasis is a skin condition that will remain forever. As of now, there is no cure for the condition, with remedies mainly helping to manage the condition. Individuals who are genetically predisposed to it will have to live with the condition and manage it in a manner that does not cause discomfort or embarrassment. Depending on the gravity of the condition, there will be a need to look for suitable options to manage the condition. Here are top remedies backed by scientific studies that will help you to manage the condition effectively.

    Hemp oil for relief from itching and redness

    Hemp oil has known benefits which can be effectively used for relief from itching and redness. This is because of the scientifically proven emollient qualities of help oil. One of the symptoms of psoriasis is the scaly dry skin. Hemp oil has natural moisturizing properties in addition to strong emollient qualities. This will also have an impact on the red appearance of the patches. The whole idea of remedies to manage the condition is to camouflage the effects of psoriasis while reducing the discomfort from the dry and scaly skin. Hemp oil possesses the properties to achieve these results, and the same has been scientifically documented.

    The need to dispel misconceptions about hemp oil and its tag as a recreational drug

    One of the problems that a large number of individuals may face is the need to look beyond the preconceived notions about hemp oil. Despite the fact that it has been legalized in many locations, there are misplaced ideas surrounding hemp oil. Individuals regard the oil to be a recreational drug with addictive qualities. Far from it, the oil has medicinal properties that have been documented, as listed out clearly in And the oil is also used for de-addiction. Therefore, individuals who are considering usage of the oil need to quickly get the misplaced notions about the oil’s recreational use.

    Topical treatments to manage mild conditions of psoriasis at home

    A host of topical applications and systemic treatments are available to manage the condition. In almost 80 to 90% of the cases, it is possible to manage the conditions with reasonable effort. Salicylic acid is considered as an effective remedy to manage the condition. It acts by shedding the scales and smoothening the skin. When the scales shed, the possibility of itching and redness comes considerably. However, this is most suitable for small areas and mild conditions. Applying salicylic acid on large areas are likely to result in side effects.

    Physician/specialist prescribed steroids

    In conditions that are classified as severe, physicians and specialists prescribe steroids for patients. This helps to manage the condition and lessen the effects. One of the actions of steroids used for treating psoriasis is the blocking of the proliferation of cells that are produced as a result of the condition. By blocking the production of cells, it is possible to ensure that the condition is managed better. Additionally, the steroids help to take care of the burning sensation. In combination with other topical applications, steroids help patients to easily handle the conditions. However, by virtue of being steroids, the side effects cannot be discounted, especially over long term use.

    Phototherapy to treat psoriasis through light

    Light therapy has for long been used by specialists to manage the lesions. This includes exposure to natural light and exposure to light in controlled environments. For instance exposure to UVB and narrow band UVB light has been regarded as effective methods of managing the condition. Though this is a very effective method of treatment, it comes with the burden of side effects. Exposure to light therapy runs the risk of exposure to skin cancer. This has resulted in a situation where certain forms of light therapy are not recommended always.

    Other options include the use of biologics to suppress enzymes. While these work from the inside, they are prohibitive in terms of costs. These options work by acting on the inflammation that is triggered by the condition. It helps to keep the inflammation under control and by extension the other symptoms that are associated with inflammation. This is generally resorted to when the patients are experiencing greater discomfort and when it results in triggering other problems.


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