Top Myths About Passing A Drug Test

    Despite the fact that marijuana has been legalized in many locations, there are situations when individuals need to pass drug tests. There are many sites and forums that offer tips on passing drug tests, offering individuals ‘short cuts’ to beat a drug test. While some are factually correct, many are totally wrong and are ineffective in helping individuals to pass a drug test. It pays to be aware of the myths that are spread in the name of tips and stay informed of the facts. Here are top myths that are doing the rounds about passing a drug test.

    The Length Of Time That Traces Of Marijuana Remain In The Body

    While there are instances of traces of marijuana remaining in the body for three months in extreme cases, it is not the norm, but an exception. Individuals who are addicted to marijuana and with metabolism that is unique are likely to have traces of marijuana for a little longer. But for all practical purposes, there really is no way that marijuana toxins will remain in the body six months after you have had your last smoke. For recreational users, the traces may remain in the body for anywhere between four days to ten days. Only in rare cases will the traces remain for as long as three months. If you happen to be stoned all the time, you may not actually want to go in for a test at all, so why bother about it.

    Adding Adulterates To Urine Samples

    There are discussion threads that seem to suggest that adding ammonia or bleach to urine samples will help to beat the test. This is totally untrue; you will find more technical detailed explanation about this on Payspi.Org. Labs conduct in depth analysis of urine samples and are bound to quickly ascertain that there has been an additive. This will not only fail you in your efforts, you will find yourself under increased scrutiny. Never fall for this myth as it will do you no good.  Similarly, individuals are known to down different ‘detox’ remedies that claim to flush out the traces of marijuana. Think about it – if it were that simple, then no agency/business in its right mind would ever get tests conducted with prior notice.

    Claim That Hair Detox Shampoos Do Not Work

    There are claims that hair detox shampoos are not effective. This is however not the case. Hair shampoos do actually work – the challenge is in identifying the most suitable shampoo. Hair shampoos that are intended to detox, break down the follicle to flush out the metabolites. It is all in the composition of the shampoo. Choose a shampoo that has the right combination for an effective breakdown and flushing of toxins. For instance, propylene glycol is effective in flushing down the toxins, and you need to look for a shampoo with propylene glycol. The substance is also used as a cleanser on the skin and therefore you need not be apprehensive of side effects. Requirements of duration and frequency will change for users for best results.

    Attempting To Bleach Or Dye Your Hair

    This has certainly got to be one of the most naïve suggestions. Who would have ever given weightage to this suggestion? Bleaching and dyeing your hair will not help you to beat the analysis of your hair follicles for residue/traces of drug. And to repeat a point – if it were that simple, then all that one has to do is to dye/bleach hair before a test and beat it. In other words, the test will never be able to show results if everyone decided to bleach/dye their hair. The process of dyeing/bleaching has an effect on the color of the hair and not on the follicle or structure. Analysis in a lab is goes much beyond the color and focuses on the follicle. Therefore stay clear of such suggestions.

    A large number of individuals often opt for home drug tests prior to a lab drug test with the false notion that  the results in one will be the results in the other. On the contrary the results may vary. This is because a home drug test is never claimed to be fully accurate. It is only a basic test, which will give a broad indication and not the correct readings. Do not fall for easy methods to beat a test, you may end up failing the test and drawing more attention than ever before.


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