Top 7 Types of Dentists in Moore That You Should Know

    Most people are often confused about dentists. While most have a general idea of the practice, some do not. 

    You probably know that these medical professionals handle issues of the teeth and oral cavity. But did you know that there are different dentists for different parts and dental issues? 

    This article sheds light on these types of medics and what it is that they do so you know who you’ll meet at your next appointment. 

    You also need to do research in case you might be needing some of these services. It will definitely help you to find the best dentist in Moore or any other place.

    What is a dentist?

    Your teeth reveal your general well-being. A dentist is a medical professional that practices dentistry. Dentistry involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases of the teeth and mouth. Simply put, it entails the care of the oral cavity. That said, here are the seven common types of dentists:

    General Dentists

    These are the most popular types of dentists. As the term suggests, it is a general practice. As such, when you first identify any issue with your oral cavity, they are probably your first point of contact with care. General dentists engage in services such as:

    • Complete oral exams for diagnosis
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Preventative services
    • Oral restoration services, e.g., removing decayed teeth and filling cavities.
    • General dental health care

    These professionals are often connected to more specialized teeth professionals. Therefore, you may get your initial referral here.


    These oral care professionals specialize in treating illnesses of the gums. They also specialize in placing dental implants. For a doctor to qualify for this, they need to study an additional three years after dental school to specialize. Here are the services you can expect from a Periodontist:

    • Local treatment of gum infections
    • Preventative cleanings
    • Dental implants
    • Gum grafts and surgeries
    • Lengthening of the dental crown.


    An endodontist is a dental health professional that mostly deals with the interior of the tooth. Ever experienced extreme tooth pain or needed a root canal? 

    While a general dentist may help you out with such issues, they will most likely refer you to an endodontist. 

    Like all other specialized oral health technicians, these dental practitioners undergo between 2 and 3 additional years of training after completing dental school. Some of the services they offer include:

    • Endodontic surgeries
    • Endodontic retreatment.
    • Root canals.


    These are tooth specialists who deal with misalignments and irregular positioning of the teeth and jaws. You’ve probably met someone that wears braces in their teeth- and there’s a 90% chance they were put in place by an orthodontist. Here are some of the issues this area of dentistry solves:

    • Mal-positioned teeth
    • Mal-positioned jaws
    • Misaligned bite patterns
    • Irregular facial growth
    • Excessive tooth gaps

    While such teeth issues may not be a direct indication of poor oral health, they predispose you to related issues such as tooth decay. As such, fixing them is important. 

    The practice is also great as it straightens out the teeth, creating beautiful smiles and boosting confidence. See this link to learn about the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist

    Oral Surgeon

    Just as the term suggests, oral surgeons specialize in the treatment of issues of the face and oral cavity. Some of the treatments that would prom your general dentist to refer you to an oral surgeon include:

    • Extracting teeth
    • Dental implants
    • Surgeries to correct the jaws
    • Treating facial injuries
    • They may work with oncologists to treat tumors in the oral cavity.


    These are experts in performing replacements in the mouth. You may undergo extreme facial trauma from an accident leading to losing one, two or all of your teeth.  

    A prosthodontist, being an expert in the area, will help you find options and bring back your smile in time.

    Typically, this doctor creates the designs of the structures needed. After that, a dental technician fabricates the structures based on the designs, and restoration follows.


    Just like there are special doctors, known as pediatricians, for children, there exists a similar type of oral care practitioner.  

    A pedodontist is a doctor that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dental problems in children. 

    As such, they are the initial point of contact for patients from birth to adolescence. Click here to learn about the main reasons why you should consider seeing a dentist.


    There are various types of dentists specializing in different problems, parts and age ranges. It is important to note that while some of the various areas overlap, it is important to choose a specific type depending on the care you need.


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