Top 6 Ways to Know if you Have a Cheating Partner

    Getting cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. Giving yourself to someone only for them to go behind your back and be with someone else is a terrible feeling. These tips could help you avoid a relationship with someone whose been cheating on you and help you move on to someone who is going to treat you with respect.

    1. Do they ever leave their phone unattended?

    Cheaters are usually hiding something from their significant other and it is most likely through their phones. If their phone is password protected it would be easy for a cheater to download dating apps, talk to other girls through social media or even blatantly over text right in front of you. They might take their phone everywhere they go in the event your partner knew your password or saw a notification they were not supposed to see. Keep an eye on their habits when using their phone. It could be telling.

    1. Do they disappear for hours or days at a time?

    Has if ever been incredibly hard to get a hold of your significant other? It could be because they are out with someone else and they do not want that person to see them talking to another partner. They may not respond for hours and then give you a far-fetched excuse as to why they were unavailable. If the excuse sounds fake it probably is.

    1. Do they ever take off their ring?

    For those that are married out there, have you ever found out that your spouse had taken their ring off for any reason? A wedding ring is a solemn commitment to one another to be with that person and that person alone. It would be a little fishy to find out that your spouse would have taken it off for a day or night out. A Cheating Spouse would most likely leave their ring at home or tuck it into their pocket to appear to be unmarried to potential cheating partners.

    1. Do they not really post with you on social media?

    Have you ever gone out on a nice date with your partner and taken a picture that never saw the light of day through Instagram or, at the very least, Facebook? This could be because your partner may want to give off the impression to followers that they are available to followers. It is not a dead give away if they have not posted with you yet but if you have been seeing each other for a little while then why wouldn’t they want to show you off on social media as their partner?

    1. Do you ever find random hairs at his place that are not yours?

    This one is for the ladies out there. Female hair gets absolutely everywhere whether it is in your partners bed, on their couch or really anywhere. If you are a brunette and you find a long blonde hair it would not be a wild assumption to think they might be cheating on you. It does not take serious detective work to figure this out either and chances are your partner won’t catch every single hair if he’s guilty of having someone else at his place.

    1. Are you suspicious?

    Sometimes, it is just enough to have a feeling that something is going on behind your back. It is important to trust your gut and be ready to confront your partner if you feel like something could be going on that you are not aware of. It could be the little things that feel like they are changing as your relationship progresses or a questionable text you catch a glimpse of while you are spending time together. If it feels off and you think there could be something going on, confront your partner and get to the bottom of it.