Top 5 Reasons To Visit Portugal

    Have you been dreaming about visiting a young, lively country with rich culture, impressive history, and a relaxed lifestyle? Then you should definitely go to Portugal! If you find yourself here, you have probably been thinking about it as it is, but if there is still doubt in your mind about whether or not this should be your next destination, we will try to help you make that choice by listing the top 5 reasons to visit Portugal. 

    • Weather

    Pleasant weather is one of the key ingredients for a successful holiday. And in Portugal, it says lovely all year round! Due to its geographical location, being a southern European country, and having the Atlantic Ocean on the side, it never gets too cold, and the temperature never drops to negative. So, for example, it is hot and sunny in the summertime, but never annoyingly scorching-hot, as the temperature stays at about 23°C, so just enough. Winters are cooler and quite rainy, but it never gets colder than 12°C, so even going in the cold season can be very enjoyable. Actually, Portugal’s capital city Lisbon has been called one of the top 5 sunniest cities on the continent! 

    • Landscapes

    Going to Portugal is like a breath of fresh air. Everywhere you turn, there is some exciting scenery to be seen, some stunning panoramic views to marvel at. Its coastlines are rugged and dramatic, with mountains in the background and steep hills surrounding the beaches. As for the cities, they are the perfect mix of natural landscapes and historical landmarks. The streets are authentic with their small and old shops and cafes, looming churches, and calming greenery on the side. So, visiting Portugal might just be for everyone; it is the country that has everything! 

    • Good Communication

    Portugal is the perfect choice for travelers who wish to see as much as they can! If you do not like staying in the same place for too long and want to quickly navigate through the country without losing much time, this might just be your dream destination. The country is compact, with no two locations more than a half-day away from each other! You can easily rent a car and have the freedom of your time and areas you would like to visit, or you can choose trams, or Portugal trains, as the railway system is well developed and will allow you to travel comfortably and quickly.

    For example, check out one of the most popular route – the Porto to Lisbon train

    • Safety

    Indeed, there are some destinations that travelers are generally wary of, as they have a questionable reputation regarding safety. However, Portugal is one of the safest countries you could visit. With low stats of robberies and attacks, it is a serene and peaceful location, where you do not have to worry if you stay out too late or get lost. In addition, the locals are friendly and helpful, so you should feel out of harm’s way when roaming the streets. Of course, anything can happen, and you should still beware of your personal items, but mainly, Portugal is a very secure holiday destination! 

    • Reasonable Prices

    Portugal may not be the cheapest European country to visit, but it is still very reasonably priced. Due to lower rent costs and overall relatively small wages, the country is affordable for any traveler. Make sure to check the local prices and compare them to your budget, but most likely, you will be okay even if you are not ready to spend much money. For example, a meal in a local, mid-range restaurant will cost you approximately 8€ only, and a pint of beer 1.8€. 

    Have we got you convinced yet? We sure hope so! Now that you have a list of reasons to visit this country, the next step is researching the locations and sites you would like to see, writing everything down, and setting off to beautiful Portugal!


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